Beer Margarita: a new twist on an old classic

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The Beer Margarita replaces the orange liqueur of a traditional margarita recipe with beer. How this impacts the flavor depends on the exact beer you choose.

But generally speaking it gives you a more mellow flavor. A drink that’s lightly fruity and a little more bitter compared to the standard margarita.

In this recipe, the beer replaces the orange liqueur you find in a traditional margarita. That means less orange flavor and more of the beer you choose.

And you want to choose a pale ale or lager. Corona or Dos Eqis are terrific choices here – good Mexican beers for a good Mexican cocktail.

Beer Margarita with lime wheel

Be aware that you will taste the beer in this drink. It’s not a case where that ingredient fades into the background. It’s not the most dominant flavor, but it is noticeable.

This is a nice drink to relax with, perfect for an evening with friends. It’s an easy drink to make – no shaking, no blending, just a quick stir in a mixing glass.

The hardest part is the salt rim, but that’s easy. Just check our my tutorial on how to rim a glass for how to do it with or without a special rimmer dish.

One of the good things about this drink is that it can bridge the gap for beer lovers who rarely drink cocktails. Chances are, you can talk them into giving it a try.

Beer Margarita with lime wheel against red fabric backdrop

You don’t need to be a beer lover to enjoy this drink… but you probably need to not be a beer hater. Like I said, you will definitely taste the beer along with the tequila and lime.

Instead of using lime juice like most margaritas, this drink recipe calls for thawed frozen limeade concentrate. This adds a little bit of sweetness to counteract the bitterness from the beer.

Should you want to pair this drink with food, I think you know one thing I’m going to say already. It’s great with Mexican cuisine – fajitas, enchiladas rancheras, taquitos, tacos and more.

Both beer and margaritas go well with Mexican food, with its marinated grilled meats, corn tortillas, cheese and chilis. And avocado – don’t forget the avocado. This cocktail combines the best of beer and margaritas.

Beer Margarita with nachos

But you may be surprised to hear it’s also great with foods that pair with beer. Like hamburgers, hot dogs, big meaty sandwiches of all descriptions.

It’s also great for a barbecue. Because it uses a light beer, this is a refreshing drink that seems to cut through heavy, greasy foods.

If you enjoy this margarita, we’ve got a whole collection of margarita recipes you should check out. Lots of wonderful ways to go with that old classic drink.

Beer Margarita Recipe

The Beer Margarita adds beer to the traditional Margarita ingredients. The result is a more mellow flavor, with an edge of bitterness. #mixthatdrink #beercocktails #beer #drinkrecipes
Yield: 1 drink

Beer Margarita Drink Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

The Beer Margarita adds beer to traditional Margarita ingredients to create a drink that's more mellow, lightly fruity and slightly bitter tasting.


  • 6 ounces light lager or pale ale, chilled
  • 1 ounce chilled tequila
  • 1/4 lime, cut into wedges
  • Coarse salt
  • 1 ounce thawed frozen limeade concentrate
  • Crushed ice


  1. Rim a glass using one of the lime wedges to wet the rim and the coarse salt.
  2. Combine the beer, limeade and tequila in a mixing glass.
  3. Fill the rimmed glasses with crushed ice.
  4. Pour in the mixture.
  5. Garnish with lime wedges.
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