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Adelle Special cocktail

The Adelle Special cocktail is extremely simple but sublime. If you’re new to Scotch, this cocktail makes a lovely introduction to it. It adds the flavor of sweetened orange to Scotch.

Adelle Special cocktail in tumbler

This drink is also the answer to the question of what to do with Scotch that’s drinkable but not lovable. You never want to waste high quality Scotch in a cocktail, so you can grab something merely decent quality to mix into this cocktail. In fact, you probably want to go for a blended Scotch – yes, I said that – rather than a single malt. Recipes like this were actually made for blended Scotch. They take advantage of the more easygoing flavor profile that you find in most of the blended versions. Any of the Johnnie Walker blends should work nicely.

Adelle Special cocktail on cloth

This is an extremely simple drink to make. You just poured two ingredients into a glass, and the only way to make a mistake would be if you use blue curacao instead of clear. That would make for a very ugly drink indeed, what with the mix of blue and amber turning a sort of sickly green. But otherwise, you cannot get this drink wrong. It really doesn’t matter which order you pour the ingredient in. You could even use a different orange liqueur of any sort if you don’t have curacao on hand.

This is also a great drink to make in big batches by the pitcher in advance for a party. That makes it easy to top up guest’s drinks and keep the party going without having to play bartender all night. But it’s also a great drink for an evening at home, or as something to enjoy after a nice dinner.

Adelle Special Drink Recipe

  • 2 ounces Scotch
  • 2 ounces Orange Curacao

Build the ingredients in a old-fashioned glass.