43 Best Margarita Recipes to Enjoy

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One of the great classic cocktails is the margarita. It comes in so many varieties you could have a different one every day for over a month. To prove it, I’ve got links to all these delicious homemade margarita recipes.

You can absolutely learn how to make these at home. Some people let the salt rim intimidate them. But putting salt around the rim is easier than you think. I have a guide here that shows you two different methods for how to rim a glass.

Whether it’s Cinco De Mayo or Taco Tuesday, you can’t go wrong with any of these margaritas. And remember: you can make most any of these into a blue margarita by using Blue Curacao as your orange liqueur.

Remember: to make any of these into a virgin margarita, just leave out the tequila and substitute fruit juices and syrups for any liqueurs.

And for even more deliciousness, you can make your own sour mix with our homemade sour mix recipe!

Closeup of classic margarita cocktail with lime

43 Best Homemade Margarita Recipes

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