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43 Margarita Recipes to Enjoy

One of the great classic cocktails is the margarita. It comes in so many varieties you could have a different one every day for over a month. To prove it, I’ve got links to 49 delicious margarita recipes.

Some people let the salt rim intimidate them. Don’t be like them! It’s easier than you think. I have a guide here that shows you how to rim a glass.

You can use a saucer, but I find it much easier to use this margarita rimmer I bought a couple of years ago. You just stamp the glass into the sponge soaked in lime juice or water, and then twist it in the compartment that holds the salt.

And yes, you can use bottled lime juice for this. It’s more affordable and it tastes good enough for the rim.

Closeup of classic margarita cocktail with lime

43 Margarita Recipes to Enjoy