25 Valentine’s Day Cocktails

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What do you look for in Valentine’s Day cocktails? All that really matters is that the person drinking it likes it. But a romantic name or a red, pink or even violet color can add novelty to your cocktail. So can rich, delicious flavors like coffee and chocolate.

Making Cocktails Romantic

The trick to making a cocktail seem extra special romantic is setting the right mood. The drinks in this list range from super cute to very sophisticated, and you should try to pick a drink that goes with the personality of the person you’re making it for.

Beyond that, think about presentation. Putting a simple-looking cocktail on a beautiful serving tray transforms the drink into a thing of elegance. You can also present a cocktail along with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Closeup of Valentine's Day cocktail

What about music? A favorite album is great to have playing in the background. But if you don’t know his or her favorite album yet, check out the easygoing and romantic St. Valentine Lounge Chillout compilation.

Or if you want something more sophisticated, we love the instrumental jazz ballads of Branford Marsalis’ “Eternal.”

Valentine's Day Cocktails

These delicious, romantic cocktails are great for Valentine's Day. Serve them to someone you love.

Think you can't pour a layered cocktail? There's a video at the bottom of this post to show you just how easy it is. Or you can skip to our full cocktail layering tutorial (video, text, and step by step pictures).


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!