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13 Best Champagne Cocktails

Champagne cocktails are tasty, fizzy and easy to love, and they transform leftover or cheap bubbly into something wonderful. These are great for New Years or anytime you’re wanting champagne with a little more kick.

Champagne cocktails in front of city skyilne

If you’re planning a party around these cocktails, you might need some nibbles. Of course there’s the classic caviar pairing, but you should also try goat cheese or a good wheel of manchego.

You could also make Smoked Salmon Crostini, which is savory with dill and lemon. Or how about Mushroom & Gruyere Bruschetta which is warm and cheesy, with mushrooms, garlic, and thyme?

If you need a new set of champagne flutes, take a look at all these gorgeous ones on Amazon So many options to choose from.

If you don’t have flutes, you can serve these in wine glasses. Or really any glasses that look nice enough for the occasion.


Most of these are best with a nice dry brut or prosecco. You can also use sparkling wine or non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice for a non-alcoholic option. Sparkling apple juice is another possibility, but it will be too sweet for some drinks.

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