What are your favorite hangover cures?

There’s no solid scientific answer to the question of how to cure a hangover. Many sources agree that drinking lots of water is essential. Some consider sleep the best solution. Some recommend drinking lots of juice with vitamin C. A traditional hangover cure used to be drinking coffee, but it’s now believed that just makes you seem more alert and functional without really helping any underlying symptoms. Another hangover cure recommendation: drinking pickle juice. Yikes!

What are your favorite hangover cures?

The elusive hangover cure

Yet another hangover cure people suggest? Drink more! (No, that’s really not a hangover cure at all – it only delays the symptoms for a while.) Some sources recommend Alka Seltzer, but tell you to avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, because they’re blood thinners like alcohol and can intensify hangover symptoms. And I’ve heard some really bizarre sounding ideas, like drinking raw egg mixed with fruit juice (I guess it could give your body some good nutrients to fight off the alcohol poisoning, if it doesn’t give you salmonella first).

What are your favorite hangover cures? Or what are the most bizarre or hilarious supposed hangover cures you’ve ever heard of?



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  1. Serj33 says

    Steak and a baked potato with a tall glass of water. Works every time, like a charm. A little nap after that is good too. :)

    • RedSon says

      If you have a huge hangover this is 3 true natural remedies..
      1. Have another small drink! 50g.. one shot… it will help….
      2. Dont want to drink? :-) try this… Open jar with picles and drink that vinegary, salty, peppery, dill smeling brine…WORKS like a charm…
      3. Gatorade. Full of electolites. Will help your body…
      And last thing… Just dont drink like a pig! LOL…

  2. max says

    Beyond hydrate hydrate hydrate…Think greasy & salty.. once the urge to hurl subsides (or a little bit before); a sausage egg n cheese muffin & hash browns from any fast food place always perks me up and helps me get on with my day. Then grab a bottle or two of Vitamin Water “Revive” and drink it over time (dont chug it). Its full of electrolytes and B vitamins

  3. Billy says

    As said before hydration is the key. I find drinking 1-2 pints of water before going to sleep and making sure another pint is by the bed for the night helps! In the very least this will take the edge off. In the morning eggs on toast. standard. :)

  4. Austin says

    A hangover is caused by the dehydration which occurs from drinking too much alcohol, sometimes with follow on symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea. So, I’ve always jusy taken the cure for stomacg flu or the like, that being Pedialyte or whatever off brand which 2 or 3 dollars cheaper. It doesn’t taste amazing, but I’m sure you just ended up in this predicament drinking things like Boilermakers or Porch Crawlers ergo your taste buds all ready dislike you. Let’s face it, children’s electrolytic oral solutions have what your body craves.

  5. Onyx says

    Everyone has something different.

    What I do…When you get home, drink an 8oz glass of water, have some toast with butter, take acetaminophen (Tylenol), and take a bottle of water to bed with you (so if you wake up in the night… er, morning… drink some more water), and when you wake up, drink more water, take more acetaminophen, and eat something with carbs (like toast). This works every time for my hubby and I, the only hang over I ever had was when I didn’t do this, and my hubby hasn’t had one since we met, I told him my routine after drinking, and he started doing it, too. So for us, this is what works.

    • jahozer says

      Taking Tylenol after drinking wreaks havoc with your liver. You seriously really should not do that. Ibuprofin is much easier on your liver.

    • Leslie says

      Tylenol and alcohol is a huge no-no! Indeed a very efficient way to get yourselves on track for that liver transplant list.

  6. megolasaurus says

    Eat a piece or two of bread before going to bed and pound that water! I’ve heard that taking pain pills (especially ones that target the liver) can be counterproductive but taking a b12 vitamin with my first shot also helps. In the morning- an ice cold diet coke and cold boca chicken nuggets!

  7. Andrea says

    Can’t believe I haven’t seen Gravol listed yet. Gravol + a multivitamin and water. Lots of water. Coffee if the gravol makes you drowsy.

  8. jahozer says

    Hey! Love the site!!!
    Here is my cure.
    Of course what everyone said is right about water water water. pedialyte is great, gatorade is good too.
    But you absolutely need B Complex, Vit C, and an anti inflammatory such as pamprin or fish oil or even ibuprofen and aspirin will do wonders, and here is why.
    Dehydration occurs partially because the oxygen and hydrogen like to be paired with something like in H20. Alcohol is a OH, oxygen and hydrogen. Water being H2O, 2 hydrogens and an oxygen, When the 2 get together the water starts splitting up because there is an extra H in the mix. This not only causes dehydration, but it makes all these unpaired Oxygen molecules run around, called free radicals. Free radicals suck, and do mean things to us as they bounce around looking for a partner, kinda like the obnoxious drunk bouncing into you at a crowded club. All that bumping causes inflammation. Thats why we take anti-oxidants. These pair with the obnoxious single frat boy of a molecule and make it chill out. It just so happens, however, that these anti-oxidants are water soluble, so while you are gleefully “pissing the night away” all the vitamins you need are going down the toilet, literally. Leaving your poor tissues to fend for themselves.
    Oh, and you want to eat something so your blood sugar doesnt crash causing you to wake up in the middle of the night.
    Before Bed> 2 pints of water or more. Bcomplex with C. Fish oil and pamprin or some other menstral cramp thing. Go ahead and take it. you wont grow boobs. Water with you to bed (I like alka seltzer too.)
    Morning. Repeat. add caffeine.

  9. jahozer says

    oh, and your blood sugar will crash by morning. Alka seltzer right in an ice cold coke will be AMAZING like manna from heaven. It seems like it should be gross but its actually quite nice.
    I also take an antihistamine to fight off the inflamation and sleep if I have the day to do such a thing… a percocet dont hurt the next day either, if you are so inclined.

  10. Darie says

    Airborne Fizzies in a small glass of water. I swear on it and so does everyone I have given it too. It works everytime. You can get them in any store pharmacy.

  11. Stephanie Collins says

    My best hangover cure:

    Have a caesar or some call it a bloody mary! (2oz vodka, salt and pepper, tabasco, a dill pickle and clamato juice) && a bag of wine gums.. i dont know why, but this always works and a nap on the side

  12. Kiwi says

    The thing that’s always worked like a charm for me is a glass of V8 juice(The normal stuff, not a fruit medley) just before sleeping and another right when I wake up the next morning. :>

  13. Elizabeth says

    I always drink a coke or a large sweet tea and chow down on some french fries. Totally unhealthy but works for me everytime time! Unless I drink tequila…then there’s nothing that’ll cure that hangover! =)

  14. Deena says

    I always Take a b-12 before i lay down. ANd plenty of water. Also, If I know Im going to be Knocking a bunch drinks out. I eat pasta or some type of complex carb before hand. Helps soak up the alcohol

  15. John says

    i usually drink a tall glass of water before layin down an eatin a sandwich which rehydrates ya an soaks up some of the alcohol while u sleep .You might still feel alil groggy in the mornin but less of the effects of a hang over seem to happen for me anyways

  16. Kristen says

    In my opinion the best way to cure a hangover is to drink Vitamin Water REVIVE it has to be the REVIVE [if you read the label it pretty much says its for a hangover] and some kind of soup broth (not spicy broth though, it will not feel good) I personally like beef broth and regardless what they say about Ibuprofen, a 600 mg works wonders. Hope that helps 😊

  17. TheFive says

    My best friend and I discovered a remedy that we call “The Five”…
    1. Coffee
    2. An unholy amount of water
    3. Tylenol migraine (3)
    4. A banana
    5. Vyvanse

    Works like a charm.

  18. rob says

    drink loads of water before you go to bed whilst still drunk then a lumberjack breakfast like the massive one after youve stopped throwin up

  19. Cath says

    I absolutely agree with the water water thing.
    But the secret I guess is drinking it before going to sleep. Personnally my hangover is less intesive when I do that.
    Some says that it’s because your brain is “drying”. A bit drastic word especially if you image it :)
    It really helps, if you do remember to do it. On the next day I guess it’s already to late.
    Right! it needs to become a habit. At the beginning it really wasn’t the first thing I was thinking about while I was drunk 😉

  20. bink says

    As everyone says…water. drink at least 16oz before bedtime. A Gatorade also works. Then in morning:

    ** gatorade & water
    ** B-12 vitamin
    ** saltine crackers topped with honey (saltines help
    soothe an upset tummy & honey has natural nutrients
    that your body needs).
    ** if you are really sick (throw up), you can take an
    Otc nausea medication (available any pharmacy)

  21. lisa says

    Before u fall asleep take 2 advil with large glass of water. in morning drink vitamin water, the purple one (dont kno flavor name) but it has the most b vitamin. Vitamin b and water is needed when dehydrated. Remember to drink liquids slow. When u feel good enough to eat try rice or crackers to start to soak up that poison.

  22. Martymo says

    Some of us have to get up and go to work at 6 A.M. hangover or not. No naps allowed. My best cure is Rockstar Recovery (10 cal.) or Monster Rehab (20 cal.) You don’t want the full sugar versions of either one of these drinks. If you like Goody’s or BC powders, do one with the drink. Shoot it down. (I have a scrip for Vicoden to go with my drink.) Stop by McDonald’s on the way to work and get a steak egg and cheese bagel. You will feel fine by the time you get to work. Elapsed time 30 minutes.

  23. JoeyMontreal says

    I drink every day :/ sometimes 2 beers or a glass of wine.. sometimes a 26er and a bottle of wine with another 26er in one night of partying.. I know my hangovers.

    #1 – Chug ice water till you think you’ll puke before going to bed.
    #1.5 – Cocaine .. just one bump in the morning 😛 ..GHB too (What hangover?)
    #2 – If you can get your hands on 100% coconut water, do it..chug at least 2-3 cups before bed (it’s high in calories, but i’ve had huge benders and woken up then next day all “I don’t really feel like dying” )
    #3 – 2-3 EGGS in the morning! > Egg yolks contain large amounts of cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde, one of the culprits behind a hangover.
    #4 – I juice (spinach,celery,cucumber,apple,carrots,kale ect..) 3-5 times a week.. chugging that in the morning really helps.
    #5 – Hitting the treadmill for 45min while drinking water will kick your hangover in the ass, every-time! .. if you suck it up for at least a half hour of utter pain, you sweat out all that nasty sin of yesterday, and you really do feel A LOT better (My lazy ass never does this)
    #6 – Sleeping pills.. take a bath, grab some pillows, nest.
    #7 – Make a Vodka soda with a fresh squeeze of lemon and repeat. .. thats what i do anyways..

  24. JoeyMontreal says

    *SODA WATER* Don’t ever mix Vodka with sugary drinks.. perrier and a squirt of lemon will surprisingly blow you away taste wise ..I’ve converted so many people.. you can’t even taste the vodka, it just works.

  25. John says

    I am a pro at this – to the point not to be proud of.

    To summarize all of these comments, there are four main things you need to do in addition to lots of sleep.

    1. Replace what you have lost: Water, electrolytes (potassium, sodium (these first three can be found in gatorade), but also good idea to get some magnesium), alll of the b vitamins (liquid form highly preferred), and vitamin D3.

    2. Help your body metabolize any remaining alcohol and acetaldehyde (your liver converts alcy to acetaldehyde, which is even more toxic than the alcohol itself. You can do this by eating something high in cholesterol and a little bread to soak up toxins doesn’t hurt either.

    3. (This is my personal innovation as far as I know) – Restore your pH balance. After a rough night, most of us wake up with acid stomach, sometimes to the point that the acid affects your entire body by entering your bloodstream. Most people like things like Tums or Prilosec, but those never worked for me. In laboratories, they use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to slowly lower pH levels to normal. Baking soda has a pH of 8. However, I have severe acid problems. I mix the BS with hot water (100 degrees F), which turns it into a similar chemical called sodium carbonate. This chemical has a pH of 11 and is used to lower the pH of swimming pools. So as you might guess, it can be toxic. However there is a very simple way to avoid toxicity. Start with about a heaping teaspoon per 8 to 12 ounces of water, and if it tastes salty, pour some out and add more hot water. Otherwise, you pretty much get instant diarrhea if you drink too much of the salty stuff.

    With my advice, you should be well on your way to becoming an alcoholic. Thank God alcohol can turn you into a fatass very quickly, otherwise I’d probably drink every night.

  26. John says

    In the army as a grunt we have always given each other IV’s. I have stuck myself one night after a long night of beer pong in the barracks and had guard duty the next morning. With the IV there were not lingering effects of the night before.

  27. Raphael says

    With experience the best hangover cure i found that worked was 2-3 shots of jagermeister.
    It has a ton of spices and herbs that actually help your stomach out. Eat a little bit of food befor you drink it or your bound to get ulcers in ur stomach and throw up. People say booze gets rid of it for a while but a hangover doesnt last all day, at least for me. Theres a reason why the bottle has a cross on it and its because it has some curative properties in it 😉

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