Vodka Gummy Bears

When you soak gummy bears in vodka, they absorb the alcohol and turn into a yummy fruity treat with a kick. Since I first published this, I’ve found a much quicker, simpler way to do this. It takes less than a day instead of the five or more days I recommended before, and the gummy bears get much bigger.

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

How to make Vodka Gummy Bears

Time to complete: 20 hours. That’s 10-15 minutes to put the gummies in bowls, and the rest is just letting them soak.

You’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Gummy bears or worms
  • A bowl

You don’t need an expensive vodka – something mid-range is fine because you’ll barely taste it at all anyway. Note: a couple of commenters have reported trouble with “cheap” brands of vodka. I can tell you for sure that Svedka and Smirnoff work, and you can usually get the big 1.75l bottles for around $20, sometimes less.

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

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Step 1: Put your gummies in bowls

This is pretty straightforward. I kept out a dry gummy of each type so I could compare their size to the ones that were soaking. Note: the bowl on the right is rummy cola gummies, which ended up being so good that I gave them their own post [coming soon].

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Step 2: Pour the vodka

Next, pour enough vodka into each bowl to cover the gummies well.

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Step 3: Wait patiently

At this point, you’re done until the vodka has all been soaked up. You can cover the bowls to keep the fruity smell from filling up the room, but you don’t need to cover or refrigerate them. In the earlier version of this tutorial, I said you did, but I was wrong. It actually works much faster if you just let them sit in a bowl.

After about four hours, I fished out a gummy of each type, and put them beside the dry one. They were noticeably bigger, especially the worm, but I thought they could get bigger still. I ended up letting it go overnight. The next morning when I got up, about 20 hours had passed since the beginning of the experiment, and I fished out another gummy for comparison. You can see the difference for yourself:

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

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Serving Drunken Gummy Bears

Once these are done, they get slippery and a little bit slimy. To serve, I recommend you spoon them out onto a flat dish or surface. As you do so, you’ll find some of them have gotten stuck together. Just wedge your spoon gently in between them and they’ll pop apart. Offer guests spoons or appetizer forks to stab them.

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

There will be a little bit of “juice” left over at the bottom of the bowl you soaked them in.

The taste

These taste just like the candies, except with a little of that vodka burn.

Alcohol content

There’s been a lot of speculation about how much (or little) vodka is in these, so I weighed them dry and post-soaking. This won’t be exact, but it should be somewhat useful. Dry, the bears weigh 2 grams and the worms weigh 5 grams. Soaked, the bears gained 2 grams of alcohol and the worms took on 3 grams. Other gummies you use may vary. In ounces, this means that each bear contains about 0.071 ounces of vodka and each worm contains 0.106 ounces. So to equal a standard drink (1 1/2 ounces), you need about 21 bears or about 14 worms.

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  1. LT says

    I’m guessing that this is the new thing for children who want to ‘drink’ in school. Adults beware! I followed the recipe, and it turned out perfect. But, it was perfectly disgusting. No one should ever waste their good (or even bad) vodka on this.

    • Joshua says

      I don’t get where morons have this idea that any time people come up with a way of making alcohol taste better, it must be for kids. As if adults couldn’t possibly want something that tastes good.

      That being obvious to any rational person…you yourself point out that this is disgusting. So…..why would kids be doing it?

      p.s. these do suck. You can’t possibly get drunk from eating them without getting sick from too much candy first. A whole pack of gummies is about a shot. So, go ahead, if you can get drunk on as little as 3 drinks, that’s only 3 whole packs of gummies. If you weigh more than 35 pounds, it might be more like 4 of 5, and then you will vomit from too much gummy in your gut.

      • Madison says

        A whole pack of gummy bears is definitely a whole lot more than just one shot actually. Just one gummy bear each is fairly close to a shot. Maybe your problem was you simply didn’t do it right.

        • Jen says

          Madison, it depends how much vodka your bears absorb (different brands, how long you leave them soaking), but yeah – that’s why I warned in the post that you really won’t know exactly how much you’re drinking, so you have to watch yourself.

      • Raven says

        I live on candy at least 2 bags a day, now I don’t drink a lot nor do I like the taste but I could eat a bunch to get a buzz along with drinking a couple ciders on the side. The thing is I got connected to this for how to sneak booze into events. How would this work if it’s this crazily messy tho? I get get over all the reasons you wouldn’t want to drink think. I just don’t get why u would eat or make this if u don’t like tummies anyway. btw I am 28 so well legal enough to drink.

        • Jen says

          If you set them out and let them dry out a little for a couple of hours before going to the event, they won’t be all that goopy, so just bring ’em in a ziploc bag and it’ll look like you’re eating gummy bears. :)

  2. Kate Strand says

    Don’t forget the refrigerator part!
    I read this the other day and thought, wow, that sounds so easy, I’m going try this, so the next day bought the gummies & vodka, put them in a glass container with a lid and stuck them in the cabinet for 5 days… doh! not good, I have a 9×9 pan of gummy mess, like jello only much thicker & gummier, so that went in the trash, trying it again and putting them in the refrigerator this time!

  3. KIMBO says


    • Shauna says

      When you buy worms, they usually are not gooey and sticky, as if the bag was left in the sun and they melted. But I’m worried that doing this vodka soak would result in a bunch of gooey wet worms, and a bunch of sticky fingered guests waiting in line to wash their hands. Is this true, or am I over reacting.

    • k says

      hello everyone, just found this dandy recipe, I have a 26er of vodka…how many gummie bears will I need roughly? I have a glass bowl and everything else? I need them for a party Friday!! so making them Thursday should be enough time right? also keep in mind that we want to get drunk still I don’t want no weak ass gummie bears!!

      thanks guys

      • Patrick says

        thats why he said if they were a problem they wouldnt be sold in plastic bottles

        because they are sold in plastic bottles,

          • says

            yes your right my friends are just morons told me they were 100% sure blah blah either way i made some with 70proof blue raspberry vodka smirnoff they were ok but i wouldnt exactly say they work soaked in a gallon glass jar and filled with trolli gummy bears and vodka soaked for 48hrs tasted good but didnt get me drunk ate til i was full and nothing but i tiny buzz and im 5’2 103 pounds therefore nothing to do with weight youd just have to be a 10year old to get a good smashed feeling. anybody whos an adult these would be pretty useleds unless your alcohol tolerance is the same as a 10 year olds. just saying dont waste your vodka its pretty much a stomach ache and slight sensation of the alcohol doesnt really diserve to be considered a buzz.

          • Jen says

            It works better or worse depending on brands you use. My guess is the flavored vodkas may not always work well.

        • Autum says

          I used a rubbermaid container, haribo gummi bears and Pinnacle vodka and it turned into a sold gel form in less than a day in the frig with the lid on.

  4. nosaj says

    @Jason, not every “plastic” container can hold alcohol for long periods of time without adverse effects.
    But most “food-grade” plastics will.

  5. nita says

    If you like the gummies in Vodka, try soaking butterscotch candy . The Vodka mix is very good. Peppermint a little strong if you don’t mix it each time you drink from the batch, and Red Hots too bitter/tart. The butterscotch seems to the favorite in my group.

    • Chris says

      Great idea! do you go by the same general rules as the above tutorial for butterscotch? just fill til candy is almost covered and let sit in fridge?

  6. Patent Pending (Celestial Bodies) says

    So, you just grasp them with your fingers and eat them? Or put them in a cocktail? Would one serve them with cocktail toothpicks?

    • Chris says

      yet another amazing idea! i was just chowin down on these but toothpickin them and throwing them in a cocktail would make for a great presentation :)

    • Kelly says

      We have these at our campsite when it’s just us grownups sitting around the campfire. We use the little paper dixie cups and plastic spoons to eat them with – too messy for fingers IMHO. 😉

  7. Mary berry says

    I’m going to try this. I heard that after the vodka if you also soak in fruit juice concentrate its much better

  8. Joker says

    FYI, don’t do like a coworker and soak it for a week, you’ll end up with basically a jelloshot… it’s still good and it has a kick but it doesn’t look like what you’re intending lol

    Most places say a day or two at max when soaking, but I do know what a week turns them into and it’s nothing bear/worm/animal shaped lol

  9. Tom Schulte says

    Just want parents to know we found 7 bags of gummy bears in our fifteen year olds lacrosse bag. He and his friends planned to make this alcohol drink during spring break. Watch out for the gummy bears.

  10. Brandon Seymoure says

    I can’t wait to try these out. I have a lot of vodka in my bar and a party Saturday and see what everybody thinks ill let y’all know….

  11. Karen says

    I tried these with vodka/Haribo Gummies as well as mixed berry fruit juice concentrate/vodka/Haribo Gummies (I added the juice after day 3) as well as Captain Morgan/Haribo Cola Gummies and Captain Morgan/Ferrera Gummies. All were fun to try. I’m more of a rum gal. So, I enjoyed the cola gummies best. But the vodka gummies mixed with the juice were pretty darn tasty! I started “taste testing” them after 24 hours. I’m up to day 5 and they are still very good. I would say from day 2 on they are ready. Keep them cold!

    I just wish I was more creative on how to serve these at a party. Any ideas?

  12. Bren says

    I did this recipe but instead of Gummi Bears . I used Star Burst Gummi fruit (Which I am not sure if you can get outside Australia) because I just find them tastier than Gummi Bears which taste like nothing.

    It only took 12 or so hours for the vodka to soak in completely and they are really really great. My only issue is the liquid turned into a rice starch consistency and needed to be rinsed. The Gummi’s are very wet. I think in future I will try a hair dryer on them (on low of course) just to dry them out a little.

    This has potential for being a cool party treat for the grown ups :)

  13. Hanah says

    If they are slimey, wet, etc and you don’t like this texture…then after they have absorbed most of the vodka remove them from the sludge in the bottom and put them onto a clean plate….put this plate into the fridge for around 12 hours and they will go back to a similar (except a little bit stickier) texture to how they started…makes them easy to just pick up with fingers to eat – PERFECT!!!

    • Jen says

      Are Swedish Fish different from the Red Fish I tried it with? I think they are the same and if so, it didn’t work – they’re too hard.

  14. Garnerma says

    What if we found miniature plastic knives and used them as the toothpicks for serving drunk gummy bears at a Halloween party? Like those sandwich garnish swords…

  15. melissa says

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried it with other spirits, or bacardi, him etc… And what the outcome/taste was like? xx

  16. liling says

    I tried with red wine… The wine softened the outer layers of the Bears.
    Making it to just scattered when you bite . It still taste on but the Bears got disfigured too . Perhaps. It’s not used to good wine lol

  17. Felecia Maldonado says

    I am planning my bf dirty 30. We will have a beer cake, a birth day cake, and a gummy bear shot cup cake. I think most people are doing the gummy bears for show. Yes even liquor loving adults ha ha. I am off to get some bears trashed for my party guests.

  18. Aboutlastnight says

    They sound good but I don’t recommend them. I had like 8 of em last night and seriously they gave me the s**** like you wouldn’t believe. It sounded like Texas chainsaw massacre part 2 in my bathroom for hours.

  19. loopyjupes says

    hiya best ever ive had is liqourice vodka just pop some liqourice into a few empty glass bottles add vodka leave for atleast 2 weeks absaloutly gorgeous but very strong turns ya vodka near enough pure , done this for years and it blows your head off ideal for adult partys

  20. Nadine says

    Can you freeze them after they’ve soaked in the fridge with the vodka? I love frozen gummy bears without vodka so I’m wondering if it’ll work with vodka? Anyone try? Let me know how it worked out!!

  21. Brian Crownover says

    Having a party for my daughter this weekend. I just dont want a big mess. Will the alcohol turn them into hello or whats the best way to do it. Im just gonna use the cheap vodka. How long to soak? Will two days work? Its our first time and dont want to waist or make a huge mess.

  22. Seashalls says

    Ok, so I did my 1st vodka gummy last night, but also squeeze real lime juice. This morning when I went to check it out in the fridge, they were stuck together, so I dip my hand in the glass container and started to separate them. Can this be because of the lime juice? I’m thinking about adding more Vodka and not adding the lid. but only covering it with a plastic wrap. Any ideas?


    • Jen says

      It might be the lime juice, although some people have had that trouble without it and our beys guess so far is some brands of vodka don’t work as well as others for this. I think your plan of adding more vodka and leaving it in just plastic wrap is good, though. Hope it works!

  23. spambrando says

    I just make a 50/50 jello shot mixture (depending on how much you want) in a bowl, with one or two boxes of jello and EITHER vodka or rum. When it starts “coagulating”, mix in a bunch of gummy worms, bears, whatever and transfer it all to a rectangular or square dish but large enough so it’s not too high in the dish. When completely set, just cut them up into squares. Everything’s ready for a party!

  24. Deb says

    This was not my idea, but I will pass it on. If you want to make a large batch for a number of people to try out, you can use different kinds of liquor for different flavors of gummy bears. I picked out all of the pineapple ones and poured rum over them. All of the lemon and lime, and poured tequila or gin over them. Vodka over the other colors. Also, sometimes these come out so strong with the alcohol that the taste is unpleasant, so you can dilute the alcholic beverage with a complimentary flavor of soda. For example, Sprite with the gin over the green and yellow ones. Or a splash of Gran Marnier or other orange flavoring with a little lime soda over with the tequila over the lime gummy bears to get a margarita gummy.

  25. MsShaunta says

    I used a plastic container, instructions before never dais don’t use plastic. What do I do now? Are they ruined?

  26. Courtney says

    I have some questions in reference to the drunken gummy bears. What brand of vodka and gummy bears should be used? What is the time frame of letting them sit? Do you cover them or not? Should they sit in the fridge or freezer? Should you put them in a rubber made bowl, plastic, or glass? After the alcohol absorption is complete, can you restore them in the freezer in a plastic bag? What can you do so they won’t stick together?

    • Jen says

      Some of your questions were addressed in the article, so I won’t repeat the answers here. I used Haribo bears. I’ve used Svedka and Smirnoff for this. I doubt it makes any difference what type of bowl. I’ve never tried to put them in the freezer in a bag, but it sounds like it could work. I’ve found nothing that will prevent them sticking together.

  27. Kyle says

    I just tried this, I used cheap store brand gummies and cheap vodka…… the result is a mess, I’m going to try and drain out the liquid to save some of the liquor but crap, I just wasted alot of vodka. I guess brand matters. I will remember that for next time.

    • Jen says

      Oh, no. You’re not the first one this has happened to. I’ll add something in the post about it. I know it works with Smirnoff and Svedka, and you can usually buy those big jugs of them for around $20.

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