Vodka Gummy Bears

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When you soak gummy bears in vodka, they absorb the alcohol and turn into a yummy fruity treat with a kick. The how-to part of this is pretty simple, so I decided to make things a little more interesting. In addition to regular vodka gummy bears, I infused vodka into sugar-free gummy bears, gummy worms (purely to see if they turned out any cooler looking than the bears) and Red Fish (these were disgusting, but in the interest of science I will share my mistakes as well as my triumphs).

For those of you who like really detailed instructions, first up is a tutorial. Those of you who already know how to do it, skip ahead to the “Results” heading.

How to make Vodka Gummy Bears

You’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Gummy bears or worms, sugar-free or regular
  • A glass container (a glass with plastic wrap over it will do – rumor has it plastic does bad things to vodka, so be sure there’s no plastic actually touching the vodka). I used some Anchor Hocking glass storage containers I use for leftovers.

Vodka Gummy Bear Tutorial

I put the bears/worms/fish into the glass dishes. Then I poured in vodka until it reached the top of the candy. Using that much vodka makes the candy swell and take on a noticeable but not unpleasant “burning” alcohol sensation. If you don’t want the alcohol that strong, use less vodka. (The amount of time you let the bears soak has no impact on how alcoholic they are. They will suck up nearly every drop of vodka you put in, so the trick is to use the right amount for your taste. You can always add more if you taste them after a day or so and think they’re not alcoholic enough.)

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Vodka Gummy Bears recipe

Vodka Gummy Bears recipe

Then I put the dishes in the fridge. (The purple stuff is plastic wrap I tucked under the glass lids as extra insurance against the fruity smell leaking out into the whole fridge, but I’m not sure it was necessary.) I left the bears soaking for a total of five days, but after three they had absorbed about all the vodka they could. Give yourself time to leave them in at least a couple of days, if possible. This picture was taken about twelve hours after they started soaking – you can see they’ve absorbed some of the vodka because the level of liquid is lower relative to the bears:

Vodka Gummy Bears recipe

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

I was told gummy treats would swell up “huge.” The bears did get noticeably bigger, but what really got big was the worms. Here’s a before and after picture (the red bear is sugar free, the green one is regular):

Vodka Gummy Bears recipe

Vodka Gummy Bears recipe

You’ll also find some liquid at the bottom of the dish. This is fruity vodka. It doesn’t look gorgeous or anything (kind of cloudy, may contain a gooey lump or two), so you may not want to serve it at a party, but it’s perfectly drinkable for you.

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

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Drunken Gummy Bears

The regular gummy bears turned out very yummy, but surprisingly, I liked the sugar free gummy bears better. They had a more zingy taste than the ones with sugar, stayed a little firmer, and the alcohol kick was a bit stronger. If you’re watching your carbs, this is a really fun way to feel like you’re not.

The gummy worms also came out a little more exciting than the regular bears, in my opinion, but they were messier. I liked these because they got very big and… well, that’s it, really. Big huge vodka worms. But they were a little more slippery to grasp than the bears, hence a little messier. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – depends what kind of party you’re having! ;)

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

The Red Fish were these gummy-ish, waxy-ish things I found in the candy aisle and thought, why not see if other candies will soak up vodka nicely?

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

The answer, in hindsight: because it’s a waste of vodka. The vodka softened about a 16th of an inch of the outside of the candy into goo, left the interior part hard, and didn’t really penetrate the candy at all. There was still a lot of vodka floating around in that dish. Also, the candies themselves aren’t very tasty. So you really need true gummy stuff for this. I have to admit, the candy-flavored vodka in the dish was pretty tasty.

Vodka Gummy Bears Recipe

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The alcohol content in each vodka gummy isn’t very predictable, but they definitely sneak up on you – big time. Be forewarned and plan accordingly – designated drivers and so on.

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  1. Adam Laceky says:

    I’m imagining a bottle of tequila with a giant worm in the bottom. Hmmm,,,

  2. Now I need to try this.

  3. I’ve been doing this for years and its great. Also try peach rings in peachtree schnapps. They don’t soak it up quite as well but they are a refreshing delicious treat.

  4. Jimmy Hats says:

    Awesome article. I am going to try this and puke out rainbow gummi bear bits.

  5. If you’re watching your carbs, you shouldn’t be drinking vodka at all ;)

  6. is there a drink that can be made with reese’s peanut butter cups?

    • If you make a mudslide with Kahlua, Vodka, Ice Cream and Reese’s cups in a blender, I imagine it would be pretty deadly!

  7. Vodka is sold in plastic bottles as well as glass. I can’t imagine a plastic container being a problem for vodka gummies.

  8. The vodka sold in plastic bottles is very poor quality and is very harsh. Unless your mixing it with lots of juice, I recommend spending a little more and getting smoother vodka in a glass bottle.

  9. Have you tried those gummy cherries? Do you think those would work? Love to try this for my bday party next weekend… Great idea!

  10. Aby, I haven’t tried that myself, but it should work! If you try it, let us know how it turns out!

  11. My gummies were in the vodka for a night and are all stuck together. Does this happen to every batch or will they come unglued if i keep them soaking longer?

  12. try doing it with jelly babies aswell =]

  13. can u use black haus

  14. These are the greatest little things ever MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM………………….

  15. If you want them to be a little fruitier, use flavored vodla. We did ours with Raspberry, but any flavor will work.

  16. How many Oz. of vodka do you need per Gummyworm? I was thinking about preparing these for an upcoming party and I’m not sure how much vodka or how many worms to buy.

  17. Vern, it depends. If you want them to get big, you need more vodka – maybe 6 ounces to one little bag of gummiworms. If you don’t care about them swelling up, then just about 3 oz will get a small bag thoroughly vodka-infused. Hope that helps!

  18. Thanks for this!! Im trying Gummy Savers. Im using a regular tall glass cup. I just barely filled it with the Gummy Savers and vodka. So, hopefully it will work out.

  19. GUMMY BEARS R GOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!q!!!!!!!!!

  20. Try doing this with the sour gummies. They are the best.

  21. to the people wondering about the reeces… you could probably put chunks of peanut butter cups in a blended mudslide or some other kind of drink like that… that’s be good. Not as “cool” as the gummi bears, but still a way to mix chocolate and booze!

  22. So…wonder how cinnamon bears would taste? I LOVE cinnamon bears. Not sure about vodka, but maybe some everclear? Hot Soaked Bears! Good name!

    I’ve had drunked cherries before and they were pretty good, but I don’t remember what they were soaked in? Rum, maybe? Anybody had these or make these and might know?

  23. Joshie-Poo says:

    Try using Rum. As wee speak (well, as I type) I have a mason jar with three packs of Gummy Worms in a nice cool bath of Bacardi Clear. I’ve done this many a time, and it always turns out MAGICALLY DELICIOUS! (I know, wrong catch phrase, but I feel it applies here well.)

  24. Julia Barns says:



  26. How do you store them when they are done soaking up the vodka?

  27. could use like new amsterdam gin for the gummies?! and for the skittles mix??

  28. Universtiy Drinker says:

    Tried this with Rum. Had heard it worked, but I do not really suggest Rummi Bears…

  29. for cinnamon bears, i would put them in goldschlagger. they would be all firey hot and maybe sparkling in gold if you’re lucky

  30. Strawberry puffs.I got these gummi’s at pricebusters for 99 cents. Left them in Vodka for 2 days…they were amazing!!! I also just recently tried them again with 103 proof UV…talk about kick

  31. awwwww!!! imma try this one…. =P

  32. GummiBearExpert says:

    I would definitely use higher quality gummi products. Those featured are of the $0.99 variety. Black Forrest are a good in between brand, but for best results I would grab a pound at your local candy store, as they often import their candy from fancy pants foreign candy makers.

  33. When served, it would be a good idea to have those little plastic swords (or toothpicks) to use to impale the gummy bears, rather than handling them with fingers. Less mess, and you get the added fun of impaling gummy bears.

  34. I just tried to make these and after the first night in the fridge they pretty much soaked up all the vodka and became all stuck together. I filled up the jar with vodka to the same level as the bears. Is this what is supposed to happen or is my vodka to bear ratio off?

    • Mine were stuck together. Like, if you try to pull out one, several others will come with it. But I haven’t heard any complaints. :D

  35. I let mine soak for 3 days, and used the Harbio gummy bears, and they were way too strong for me, and left the interior hard as a rock, any ideas?

    • Sorry, I don’t know, unless that brand has a different consistency from the brand I used… but even then, I can’t explain how they could be too strong (which means they absorbed a lot of vodka) yet too hard. :(

    • HayleyKat says:

      Harbio gummy bears have a different consistency than most North American brand gummies!

  36. Hey these sound awesome but I wonder if the gummy bears would soak up sourpuss like that? and what kind of vodka did everyone use?

  37. Just did the worms … used Smirnoff vodka. Trying them before a Halloween party. I filled up the bowl to almost the level of the top of the worms and they soaked it all up overnight. They did get big … thinkin’ they will be a success at the party!!

  38. I’m going to try this with that Giant Gummy Worm from Vat9

  39. i am using a flatter rubbermaid container i have 12 packs of gummy worms pulled apart 1 by 1 and i am using 2 bottles of smirnoff rasberry vodka! they are turning out great i keep adding more vodka every day to get them big and it looks like it is gonna take up 3 bottleS! but i get an itch to try them every time i stir them and they are perfectly good!! btw i am doing the week long process!

    • Ok, if we see headlines about someone being consumed by 6 foot tall drunken gummi bears, we’ll know it was you. LOL!

  40. kerry sovie says:

    I would love to make these for gifts. can they be dried and put in a jar?
    What if I kept a bit of liquor in the jar? would the sugar deteriorate?

    • I too would love to know if I can make a large batch of these and give as gifts. If anyone has tried it please let us know!! I bet a tiny little bag would be a fun gift!!

  41. Drunk gummy animals! ;)

  42. vodka is just so versatile – Ill try this once i run out of habanero vodka!

  43. Very clear recipe here, one of the best. Just on a side note I’ve been making these babies for years and I’ll leave a quick guide of what I’ve learned:

    How much you spend doesn’t matter. The end result is always the same if done correctly. So use the cheapest swill you can find and cheap gummy bears too.

    ONLY use the kind of gummy found in gummy bears, for example, the gummy in Alleen’s Snake’s Alive will not work.

    If you aren’t awesome enough to handle these straight, as they can still have a burn, I find that soaking them in straight cordial with the vodka cuts the alcohol taste. Raspberry cordial works well.

    Covering and refrigerating is essential. Not that vodka infused goop isn’t fun and tasty, but it’s not what we’re aiming for.

    Stir and taste them everyday. If you get asked why you’re tasting them at odd hours in they morning, claim it is for the purposes of science. Everyone else is just too dumb to understand your brilliance.


    Someone mentioned the bears getting hard in the center. I don’t know why that occurs but it does. Hence why you soak them for ideally 9 days:

    If soaked for 1-3 days – The bears taste pretty much like straight vodka. The vodka may not be soaked in completely and sliminess will ensue. Wrong. KEEP SOAKING!

    If soaked for 4-5 days – They still taste like you just french kissed a vodka bottle. You want them to taste of gummy, not vodka. Wrong. KEEP SOAKING!

    If soaked for 6-7 days – They develop a hard center. God knows why but the last thing you want biting into a vodka gummy bear is crunch. Not pleasant. Don’t lose hope! It’s a normal stage! JUST KEEP SOAKING!

    If soaked for 8-9 days – The hard center is gone, the vodka has infused enough to have virtually no taste. So it’s now like eating a big wet gummy bear that tastes like a gummy bear should. Only it’s better, because they will get you drunk! This is what you want your end result to be like! ;)


    x a m y x

  44. As for the people wanting the flavor of chocolate in their drink, try mixing Coke & Mocha Kahlua with a splash of Jack in a regular party cup (i.e. Beer Pong Cup). You’ll get the amazing flavor of a Tootsie Roll!!

    • Viaprolanas says:

      I Can’t wait to try that one, I also recommend Ouzo and cola, I think it tastes like Root Beer when mixed properly! It certainly sneaks up on you!

  45. So I kinda want to do this for a girl, but I was wondering if I could pull it off with one of these giant gummy bears:


  46. Hey hey! So I’m planning to make huge batches of these things for a party soon. I’m making a “trial batch” of bears right now because I’ve never made them before. I’m soaking some in citrus flavored vodka and some in passion fruit flavored rum. When the bears are in the soaking stage is it completely madatory that they be in the fridge? I’m making such huge batches (I have 6 pounds of bears) for the party I’m going to that I don’t think we have the room for them in the fridge. Would it be possible to leave them on the table in the containers?

  47. Also, is there a way to make them not be so… well… slimy in the end? I’m going to be taking these to a town 4 hours away and I’m not sure how well they’ll travel while slimy. Thanks!

  48. Ok so I and a buddy tried to make vodka gummy bears (before ever reading this site). We tried 3 different brands and styles of gummy bears. We used Haribo original, Lifesaver’s gummy bears, and a no name CVS brand. They only soaked for about 5 hours and the Lifesaver ones almost completely broke down and turned the water pink and cloudy. The CVS brand did not do any better they looked solid but when we tried to pick them up the just crumbled. The Haribo were the only ones that really came out remotely close to yours (but they were really slimy).

    • the reason they did not work is because they did not soak at the right temperature for a long enough period of time. the chemical composition of the sugar and gelatin in combination with the alcohol completely breaks down and reforms, i.e. why it takes five days to make

  49. do you have to put them in the fridge?

  50. Amazing. gummi bears are children’s favorite. can’t believe it makes a refreshing drink like this..great one

  51. Catlin says:

    what happens if you don’t put them in the fridge?

  52. Kendall says:

    ah thanks this helped a lot, can’t wait to make vodka gummi bears this weekend!!! :) So cute

  53. i will be bringing these to a party this weekend :) my only question is how do you serve them?

  54. Once who have soaked them in the booze, how long do they last?

    • I’ve made these several times. And from experience, they last quite a while (at least a few days to a week) if you can keep from “testing” them too often.

  55. I’ve made these a several times and love them. The bears, strawberries, cola bottles, cherries and other very clear ones work great. I found snakes that are about 2 feet long and am trying them now. The only problem is the snakes are multicolored. They have a section that is more opaque and I think this opaque part is going to look icky. I just tasted them and they taste fine but don’t look so pretty.

  56. i have tried that the skittles and jolly rancher vodka, and they both turned out great! i was wondering if anyone knew of any other candy besides jolly ranchers to use for a blue vodka? i was also wondering if i bought candy oil, ie blue rasberry, or apple (which is clear,so i can add blue food coloring), and mixed it with the vodka if it would have the same effect like candy infused vodka?

    • Laffy Taffy makes a great infusion drink with vodka. Take a large size laffy taffy and break it up in a liter of vodka. After a day it will be completely desolved. No straining and no mess.

    • cotton candy works very well also. dissolves instantly.

  57. We’ve been trying these for at least 3 months now…. Our first batch turned out perfect and DELICOUS! But every batch since then as completely gelatinized? We’ve tried various vodka’s, various gummie’s and even tried in the fridge vs on the counter. We’ve air vacummed them and just placed them in a glass container… but to no avail. It seems like they do fine for the first 6 – 12 hours and then suddenly they completely turn to a cube of jello? Any suggestions?

  58. before you make them leave the gummies out and let them get really stale – that way they won’t get too mushy

  59. How many bags do you need to split theses between two people?

  60. The gummies work great if you make them in the freezer in a mason jar!

  61. pinnacle makes gummi vodka(there is a swedsh fish on the front of it). I used the hairbo gummi bears….they came out great!
    1.) six bags of gummi bears
    2.) 3/4 of the bottle of vodka.

  62. I made vodka gummy bears and they were WICKED! I made them with 100 proof vodka and 3 bags of the bears, we left them soak over night and LOOK OUT!!!!! by game time we were kicked! they are much to strong with the 100 proof so next time we will be expermenting with a 80 proof flavored vodka! Ill let you know what the out come is next time. Have Fun!!!!!

    • How many did you eat by the time you “were kicked”? Just want to get an idea of how strong is strong?

      • John, it’s always going to vary, because not every batch soaks up the same amount of vodka (it may have to do with the brand of bear, its freshness, or even the brand of vodka). The trick is to go slow on these, and if you find you’re getting tipsier than you wanted to get, drink a lot of water to dilute the alcohol in your bloodstream.

  63. Should note that the worms especially become really slimy. I usually wash them off with water and let them sit out for a bit to try and dry off but it doesn’t remove the slime completely; if it really bother you, eat them with toothpicks or forks or w/e you want. Flavored alcohol will make them taste differently, but personally I don’t think it’s worthwhile because they already taste fruity; and just using flavored vodka won’t remove the burn (plus why would you want to?).

  64. Can it be done w/ Tequila too ?

  65. The Man with no name. says:

    Wouldn’t caoting them in powered sugar after soaking help the slippery/gooey problem?

  66. So the question is how many gummy bears do you nee to soak up 24 oz of vodka?
    Cuz i’ts the minimum amount for a person to get drunk! :)

  67. I would like to know if this would go well with the jolly rancher gummies?

  68. One way to mask the flavor of the vodka even more is after soaking the gummys for 5 days in vodka, add some frozen juice concentrate (thawed first, of course) and let it soak for about 4 more days. It’ll make them extra fruity and sweet! Just remember to be careful and not eat too much!

  69. after the gummy bears are udone how long can you store tyhem before they go bad???

    • they only save for about 3-4 dayz, leaving them in the vodka any longer makes them disenagrate, the gummys melt down and the vodka turns into gelitin! BUT,,,, you can microwave the remains and add a little sours to the juice and its GREAT! be-careful! have fun and be safe.

  70. Will it work if u don’t keep them cold when they are soaking up.

  71. I was also thinking about using hot tamales. I know they would dissolve, but I think it would make some tasty vodka. Has anyone tried that yet?

  72. So I just tried this, they have been soaking for 3 days now but I never covered them is this gonna make a big difference or did I ruin the batch?

  73. I want to know if cinnamon bears would work, and how about The unbearably hot cinnamon bears??!

    • So it does and it doesn’t. The bears are soft on the outside and chewy on the inside and have a really unusually texture. However the Vodka is supper yummy, I added to some Sprite. And since I found this after I tried I added way to much Vodka so I have a whole lot of cinnamon Vodka.

  74. GummiFreak says:

    I would think that leaving the dish uncovered would allow some of the spirits of the vodka to escape. Something that seems so simple seems so complicated. I would think that it would be the same process as making Jello…like a Jello shot…dont add too much liquid if you dont want it to be a runny shot. Per online articles, it seems the way a gummi bear holds up in liquid depends on the type of pectin used to keep the bear firm. Using powdered sugar or corn starch on a plumped up bear doesnt sound like a good idea. I say, jab a toothpick in the bears belly button and call it a night! ;) Enjoy everyone!

  75. christina says:

    i cant wait to try this i am going to make it with marshmellow or whipped vodka mmmmm cant wait

  76. what happens if you only soak them in there for like 7 hours?

  77. “rumor has it plastic does bad things to vodka, so be sure there’s no plastic actually touching the vodka”

    Doesn’t vodka come SOLD in plastic containers all the time? This seems like a stupid rumor.

  78. Next on the list

  79. Can you use Life Savers Gummy

  80. i tasted one of my gummy bears in vodka after 1 day, and inside it’s very hard. Is this normal?

  81. wooow thats a great idea i will do that for the weekend ;]D sounds awesome …

  82. I reckon they would have to be refrigerated to prevent the bears from dissolving. Making my first batch now.

  83. Make sure you stir them often! Also add fruit juice concentrate for a sweeter taste (mine came out REALLY strong)

  84. I hoped to makes these for a party this saturday and started soaking them 4 days ago. As of now they have not absorbed any liquids. I put them in a plastic container, wasted almost 3/4 of a 1.75 liter bottle of Eveverclear ($40) and all that happened is that once they are in the fridge they become really hard as all gummy candies do when placed in a cold environment. This was a waste of time and money.

  85. I took them out of the Everclear and soaked them in vodka instead. Instantly i saw a difference. The only problem now is that the vodka has turned into gelatin. i had to add more vodka and a little bit of Everclear to breakup down the thick goo. Overall they are coming along great and i can’t wait to try the finished product.

  86. Question. Once these are ready to eat, can they travel? If so for how long before the do melt or “leak”?

  87. will i get the same results if i put them in the freezer?

  88. Doese it work with barcdi?

  89. Gummy Bears soaked in vodka is always a party favorite. It definitely gets it open, and you can twisted at the same time =).

  90. can you other liquour than vodka?

  91. I used regular vodka and vanilla flavoured on one 350g bag of gummy bears and they look fantastic at only 3-4 hours in the fridge! They’re strong and delicious~

  92. Curious if anyone has tried to actually gauge the amount of vodka each bear absorbs through shot glasses? Waste of space, perhaps, but might be a good way to measure how much is in each bear..1 bear per shot glass, filled to top, then covered?

  93. I’ve tried his with Captain morgan and its nummy too!

  94. Jagermeister and Jelly is always a winner to me!

  95. florencia says:

    This recipe can be made to run?

  96. florencia says:

    This recipe can be made with vodka instead of run?

  97. Krystleaa says:

    I found generic brands do not work as well especially when it comes to the fish ! I’ve finally gotten them down to a science cause otherwise they turn out nasty.

  98. Oh holy delicious. I want.

  99. I just made some of these.. I came to find out if I needed to refrigerate them or not…
    I heard about a bar serving these and wanted to try it out. Sounds kinda like Jello shots, which I love! I didn’t know you had to soak them for that long though. I’m having a get together tomorrow night. I guess we’ll see what 24 hours does for them! ;)
    Thanks for the tutorial. Very interesting and answered a lot of my questions!
    ~Les : )

  100. Hey, so I definitely want to make these. A few questions though: do the bears dry out afterwards, so you can put them in a plastic bag without stickiness? Also, do they smell of vodka? Thanks!!

    • They don’t smell like vodka. They don’t really get dry – mine stay moist, but not slimy. I think you could put them in a plastic bag, though – they don’t really stick to each other, so I think they wouldn’t stick to the bag. But I’m not sure – just my best guess.

  101. Just curious if they turn out sort of sticky and wet? Or if they end up somewhat like normal gummy bears. I mean, I assume they start out wet, but if they ever get dry.. I don’t know. I’m sure you get what I’m asking, haha. I don’t want to eat them with chopsticks but that could be awesome, if I need to.

  102. I made some and they were slimy put I just left them out uncovered and they dried out .U can always sit then in a strainer and leave them out to Air Dry

  103. I made these and read you can also add some fruit juice into the Vodka mix. This reliving some of the burning and more of a fruity taste in the end. I left them in the Gummie Bear container they came in and covered to the top. Mine got huge and were very noticeable but mine were also very fresh. They tuned out slimy like trying to pick up a fish. I found this very unplensent so I placed them with out a cover in the fridge and a few hours later they went back to feeling like a regular gummie bear and shrank a bit in size. :)

  104. I tried making these for the first time last night. Followed the recipe and everything … Well when i woke up this morning and checked them they had somehow turned to jello. So now i have a gummy worm and gummy bear jello. Cuz the worms and bears are still intact inside the hard casing of jello

    • I think your fridge temp may be up too high. Try turning it down a notch or maybe putting the container closer to the door – the back is normally colder than closer to the door.

  105. Ive made these a couple times and they always turn out pretty nice. This time I’m dropping them in jello and making vodka soaked gummi jello shots. Should be good. I’ll let you know! :)

    • I tried this & advise you not to try it :( I did it with worms & bears & they get hard in the Jello & hince really hurt your throat if you try them as shots .

  106. I did it and after I took the bear out, it started to shrink, It is in the fridge for 2 days.

  107. Will they go bad ? Is there a limit to how long they can be stored if made properly ? I’m hoping to make now and serve in 2 weeks…

  108. Marlene says:

    Does it have to be vodka or can it be any type of acohol?

    • I can’t speak from personal experience but I’d imagine it’s not a good idea, as the main point is to have something as colourless, odourless and flavourless as possible so as not to interfere with the bears…

    • My boyfriend and i are gonna try the gummy coke bottles with rum.. yummm :)

    • friend of mine did these with gin-it was really nice :)

    • Apple pucker or malibu red work BEST…I make these ever week …vodka makes them taste like medicine….also try sour patch kids….my customers love them too….if you like peach…use the peach gummy treats/peach schnapps…they got the best ratings…

  109. Stephanie says:

    I’ve made mine with cake flavored vodka and it is GREAT! Gives it a different zing and taste. I would recommend experimenting with different sweet vodka flavors (ie whipped cream, frosting, fruit flavors) to see the impact it makes. But drunk bears are a great addition to any party:-)

  110. Lauriane says:

    Does is matter what type of vodka you use? For example would a cheaper vodka be equally as good as a more pricey one? Or does it not make too big of a difference?

  111. My friend made these for me and he only let them sit for a day and they still absorbed a lot of the vodka. He used 99 apples so they tasted delicious. Still not sure how many you have to eat to get drunk though.

  112. Did I do something wrong? I used 190 proof EVERCLEAR and gummy beat brand. I put them in a jar and the first night I put the lid on it and left them out. The next day I still had the same amount of alcohol in there and the gummy bears didn’t soak up the EVERCLEAR. I then read to use like plastic wrap over the top and to refrigerate them do I took off the lid and put the plastic wrap over te top and refridgerated them. This morning still the same thing. The same alcohol in there and the gummy bears are smaller then the ones in the bag that haven’t been soaked just cause the liquid it’s deminishing them.

    What am I doing wrong??????

    • its cause your using everclear. this calls for VODKA

    • I’m guessing the alcohol content is too high and it’s causing the bears to actually lose the moisture inside of them because the external environment has so much ethanol and so little water. In vodka-bears, i’d imagine the ratio is roughly equal, which is why the bears soak it up, but the vodka also gets flavored. Check and see if your everclear has taken any of the gummi bear flavor.

      Also, don’t forget to leave things soaking for a few days – it’s necessary for all infusions and the like.

  113. What gummy bear brand did you use?

  114. can you use bacardi too? or does it have to be vodka? && do you HAVE to refrigerate them?

    • Infusions can be done at room temperature, and will actually be faster at room temp. Be careful with this one, though – the cooler temperatures should help the bears stay a little firmer and if the ambient temperature is too high, you may wind up with jelly.

  115. steve wato says:

    Can you put the vodka gummy bares in the freezer?

  116. do i have to refridgerate them??

  117. ShaRanda says:

    Want WANT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Hi,

    Want to make these for a party, can anyone tell me if it would be okay to put them in a tupaware container and transport them for about an hour…. Would they survive??? Thanks :D

    • I make them with rum and put them in fridge in a plastic screw top container. I call them rumgums. Vodka is sold in plastic containers all the time. So not sure what is supposed to happen with plastic. i keep them in a cooler for days while camping.

      • Ok, so once they’re soaked and everything, it is alright to transport them in room temperature or more? I plan on taking these camping and just need to know if I should keep them cold or not. Thanks!! I love all the comments, its helped figure out what will work or not! Gonna try this next weekend!

        • They don’t really need to be kept chilled. The worst that can happen is they might get slightly gooey, but that can happen over the course of a party when you’re leaving them out for guests to help themselves.

  119. So I saw this on facebook about the vodka gummies. I wanted to make them for mothers day but it says to wait five days …… Is there anything I can do to speed up the process ???? Please help me I already have them placed in the refrigerator. Sincearly, Kathy Lopez

    • i made these on rugby tour and you dont have to leave them for that long we made them in about 2 hours they just dont soke up as much vodka

  120. do you need to refrigerate them while its absorbing?i was hoping i could just leave them in my room for a few days

    • MELINDA says:

      Do not leave them out!! I did the same thing and the gummy bears dissolved in the vodka. Second time I made them I placed them straight in the fridge and they came out perfect :)

  121. I was thinking will the Gummy bears work well with London Dry Gin or other hard liquor?

  122. I do believe on the note up top it says to iffor you refridgerate them, and i do believe it says this is for 21 and up. So alexis why not include why your needing them them in your room….

  123. Would gummy lifesavers work also?? And how about different flavors vodka?? I can’t wait to try these! Having a party in a couple weeks, I better get them started!!

    • Sure! gummi lifesavers should do just fine. Flavored vodkas should also work well, but it will be different – flavored vodkas often come at a lower alcohol percentage, so the result may be very sweet and not as strong. If that’s what you want though, cheers!

  124. if you put these in the freezer would it speed the process up?

    • A freezer would probably slow things down… in theory, leaving them at room temperature should speed things up and work just fine. I know I’ve done it to make fruit infused vodkas.

  125. i was just wondering if it speeds up the process or not to put them in the freezer? im hoping to have these ready by tomorrow

  126. curbie1150 says:

    ok, heres the medium term storage scoop. after almost two weeks of gummies soaking up vodka, they were very sticky and still a little moist. the bowl ( food grade plastic) was left out overnight due to cleaning the fridge. so everything kind of melted, and when we put them back into the fridge for a night. the next day they were solidified like a giant jello shot, but chewier like gummies, pretty much half and half. at this point they could be cut into squares. still sticky, this aint no finger food. LOL. but toothpicks work like a charm. you could definately taste the Vodka, but not so much unless you had a really big piece, think 1 inch square. I recomend 1/2″ square pieces, or SMALLER, it all depends how thick they are. mine were about 1/2″ thick.

  127. I have to try this thanks for sharing, I tried something similar with sour cherry blasters and vodka, which made for a great drink for shots with an incredible hangover to boot.

  128. Does it only work if you use vodka or can you use rum??

    • Rum will carry a different flavour, but it should work essentially the same. Personally, I prefer vodka, as it’s taste profile seems disappears behind the gummi bear flavor a little more. Both would be good though, so go for it!

  129. can i put them in a ziploc bag after they are done or do they have to stay in a glass.

    • and airtight, liquid-bearing (hah, pun) vessel will work. It’s just a little easier in a glass. I also don’t know how alcohol interacts with the plastics of a ziploc, though probably nothing to worry about there. Personally, I like to use mason jars.

  130. Awesome! I will try this soon.

    Also, enough with the questions people. It says “Comments”, not “Bug the poor girl”. :P

    Thanks, dear!

  131. I put my gummt bears in whipped cream flavored vodka about 6pm. This am, 7:00 they were all stuck together like one bug gummy. They were kinda hard in the middle (as expected) and w some effort seemed to be able to separate. I was running late to woro I didn’t have much time to sit and mess w em very long. What went wrong? Should I add more vodka?

    • I’d just give them more time. From the comments, it sounds like different brands don’t all work at the same speed, so it might take longer.

    • Fernanda says:

      Have thesame issue they are all stuck togheter although the party is in 12 more hours, if they dont separate ill just kut them with a knife ahahaha

  132. *gummy

  133. Lol oops please excuse all my misspellings, riding to work typing on my phone.

  134. wanita gonderman says:

    I am curious I am making in a few days i have 1/2 gallon glass pickle jars and was wondering how much room i need to leave at the top for them to expand? Thanks

  135. could you use sour gummy bears? or gummy worms

    • Avoid sour things… the sour flavoring on the outside will come off in the alcohol and leave an unpleasant, bitter taste. It may depend on which ones you use, but I’ve never had any luck with it.

  136. If you use a really good vodka, pour the vodka in a tall glass filled with gummy anything. Keep your bag too, do not throw it away you’ll need it later. Put the tall glass of gummy(whatever) and vodka in the freezer overnight or for a couple days. When you take them out of the freezer each gummy will have a middle filled with vodka balls if bears/ tubes if worms. Put them pack in the same bag or a zip lock baggy and take them wherever you go, eat them and it will not show up on a breathalyzer me and my cousin and sisters do it a lot and it works. Used to anyways, it’s a great snack for parties.

    • The only way it wouldn’t show up on a breathalyzer is if you were not consuming that many of them or if they were very weak. Just because they are in a gummy bear doesn’t mean it hides the alcohol on your breathe for the same reason gum doesn’t. Everytime you exhale it comes up from your bloodstream, hence the reason you can’t hide it. So either your just saying that to sound cool or your not getting any alcohol consumption in your gummys.

  137. Could you just put them in a bottle of vodka and just drink the bottle? After letting them sit for a week of course. Then at the end of the bottle you have gummies?

    • It’ll take plenty of gummies to fill it up and you may need to make some room for them by drinking or pouring off a little, but it should work. You should end with some nicely flavored, weaker vodka and some tasty alcohol bears.

  138. Samantha says:

    I just started a batch of these yesterday and after I put them in the fridge they solidified into this like jello goop and it seems like this isn’t supposed to happen? I have almost 2 pounds of Great Value (Walmart’s brand) bears split into 3 jars with lids soaked in almost an entire 750 ml bottle of Wolfschmidt 100 proof vodka. So I was wondering if anyone had any idea of why this is happening or what to do stop them from turning into jello? When I woke up today I stirred them up and my mom started to just shake the bottle and that seems to have made the jello-ness go away but I figure once I put them back in the fridge they’ll go back to jello. So any ideas? Is it because of a brand? or maybe that I have them in a jar with a lid? My fridge is too cold? I really have no idea what the problem is so any help would be awesome.

  139. They serve these at Applebees for $1.00 a container of about 10-12. They were not bad, but we were having a family dinner and the young one with us commented that if she saw those out camping or at a get together she would not hesitate to eat a gummy bear/worm – maybe a childs goody is not the best choice for a new alcohol treat for adults??!! Just my opinion.

    • Surely people aren’t going to make a batch of vodka gummy bears and then leave them where unsupervised kids could get at them? That would be incredibly irresponsible. Candy is hardly the only place where an unsupervised kid might get hold of alcohol.

    • obviously, you just don’t let the kid get to them? lol

  140. I want to make the vodka gummy bears for an event tonight, but I just read the instructions and realized that they have to sit for a few days… If I make them and let them refrigerate for a few hours will they absorb enough vodka to have a kick to them?

  141. GetToTheChoppa says:

    Great recipe/article/whatever. Thanks

  142. I made this & the gummy bears ALL stick together.. How can I get them to not stick together? Or is that just how it is? I used Strawberry Pucker! They taste GREAT!

  143. Jennifer says:

    Making for graduation party..on aug 19th..can I jus put the vodka in plastic container or is glass Better? HELP! THANKS!

  144. How long do they last (ie. stay relatively fresh) if you keep them refrigerated?

  145. i tried this with peach rings from the dollar store. it did the same thing as the red fish.

  146. We had some toasted marshmallow vodka in vegas a few months ago… do you think if i roasted these (in the oven, or otherwise) and then steeped, i would get that carmelized toasted flavor?

  147. Haribo Gummi Bears & Absolut Vodka is what I use. In a glad bowl with any kind of lid. Stir once daily.

  148. I’ve made these with regular gummy bears bought in the bulk aisle at the grocery store. I leave them in the plastic container and use enough vodka (I like raspberry) to cover them. I put them in a dark cupboard for three days then use them. The store bought container is relatively shallow. A coworker used a deeper container and ended up with a mess. I haven’t tried sugar-free or other gummy shapes. I wonder how the sour gummies would turn out?

  149. i made tequila gummi worms – and let me just say – DO NOT PUT THEM IN A PLASTIC ZIPLOC BAG WHEN YOU ARE DONE MAKING THEM. they will melt. for whatever reason plastic is bad news so use glass or metal or something. glass is probably best.

  150. I’m guessing that this is the new thing for children who want to ‘drink’ in school. Adults beware! I followed the recipe, and it turned out perfect. But, it was perfectly disgusting. No one should ever waste their good (or even bad) vodka on this.

    • underage'drinker' says:

      I actually wasn’t even thinking about using these in school.. good idea man!

    • Yummy num num says:

      Great idea!! Thanks yo.

    • I don’t get where morons have this idea that any time people come up with a way of making alcohol taste better, it must be for kids. As if adults couldn’t possibly want something that tastes good.

      That being obvious to any rational person…you yourself point out that this is disgusting. So…..why would kids be doing it?

      p.s. these do suck. You can’t possibly get drunk from eating them without getting sick from too much candy first. A whole pack of gummies is about a shot. So, go ahead, if you can get drunk on as little as 3 drinks, that’s only 3 whole packs of gummies. If you weigh more than 35 pounds, it might be more like 4 of 5, and then you will vomit from too much gummy in your gut.

      • A whole pack of gummy bears is definitely a whole lot more than just one shot actually. Just one gummy bear each is fairly close to a shot. Maybe your problem was you simply didn’t do it right.

        • Madison, it depends how much vodka your bears absorb (different brands, how long you leave them soaking), but yeah – that’s why I warned in the post that you really won’t know exactly how much you’re drinking, so you have to watch yourself.

    • LMAO!!! UR FUNNY

  151. Kate Strand says:

    Don’t forget the refrigerator part!
    I read this the other day and thought, wow, that sounds so easy, I’m going try this, so the next day bought the gummies & vodka, put them in a glass container with a lid and stuck them in the cabinet for 5 days… doh! not good, I have a 9×9 pan of gummy mess, like jello only much thicker & gummier, so that went in the trash, trying it again and putting them in the refrigerator this time!


    • When you buy worms, they usually are not gooey and sticky, as if the bag was left in the sun and they melted. But I’m worried that doing this vodka soak would result in a bunch of gooey wet worms, and a bunch of sticky fingered guests waiting in line to wash their hands. Is this true, or am I over reacting.

    • hello everyone, just found this dandy recipe, I have a 26er of vodka…how many gummie bears will I need roughly? I have a glass bowl and everything else? I need them for a party Friday!! so making them Thursday should be enough time right? also keep in mind that we want to get drunk still I don’t want no weak ass gummie bears!!

      thanks guys

  153. I’m pretty sure if plastic was bad for vodka, they wouldn’t be sold in plastic bottles.

    • vodka is sold in plastic bottles.

      • Lol!! That’s exactly what I was thinking!!

      • Patrick says:

        thats why he said if they were a problem they wouldnt be sold in plastic bottles

        because they are sold in plastic bottles,

      • That’s exactly what Jason was saying.

      • the bottles that vodka are in that arent glass is not plastic. its called Pyrex

          • yes your right my friends are just morons told me they were 100% sure blah blah either way i made some with 70proof blue raspberry vodka smirnoff they were ok but i wouldnt exactly say they work soaked in a gallon glass jar and filled with trolli gummy bears and vodka soaked for 48hrs tasted good but didnt get me drunk ate til i was full and nothing but i tiny buzz and im 5’2 103 pounds therefore nothing to do with weight youd just have to be a 10year old to get a good smashed feeling. anybody whos an adult these would be pretty useleds unless your alcohol tolerance is the same as a 10 year olds. just saying dont waste your vodka its pretty much a stomach ache and slight sensation of the alcohol doesnt really diserve to be considered a buzz.

          • It works better or worse depending on brands you use. My guess is the flavored vodkas may not always work well.

    • Only s***** vodka is sold in plastic and its a different type of plastic.

    • Melissa Walton says:

      its the mix of the vodka and the gummies… turnes em into a jello looking mess.

      • Hmm, that might be the brand of vodka and gummies not being a good mix. What did you use?

        • I used a rubbermaid container, haribo gummi bears and Pinnacle vodka and it turned into a sold gel form in less than a day in the frig with the lid on.

  154. @Jason, not every “plastic” container can hold alcohol for long periods of time without adverse effects.
    But most “food-grade” plastics will.

  155. If you like the gummies in Vodka, try soaking butterscotch candy . The Vodka mix is very good. Peppermint a little strong if you don’t mix it each time you drink from the batch, and Red Hots too bitter/tart. The butterscotch seems to the favorite in my group.

    • Great idea! do you go by the same general rules as the above tutorial for butterscotch? just fill til candy is almost covered and let sit in fridge?

  156. its in the fridge or the freezer?

  157. how long are they good for?

  158. Patent Pending (Celestial Bodies) says:

    So, you just grasp them with your fingers and eat them? Or put them in a cocktail? Would one serve them with cocktail toothpicks?

    • yet another amazing idea! i was just chowin down on these but toothpickin them and throwing them in a cocktail would make for a great presentation :)

    • We have these at our campsite when it’s just us grownups sitting around the campfire. We use the little paper dixie cups and plastic spoons to eat them with – too messy for fingers IMHO. ;-)

  159. Can you soak them without a fridge?

  160. Mary berry says:

    I’m going to try this. I heard that after the vodka if you also soak in fruit juice concentrate its much better

  161. FYI, don’t do like a coworker and soak it for a week, you’ll end up with basically a jelloshot… it’s still good and it has a kick but it doesn’t look like what you’re intending lol

    Most places say a day or two at max when soaking, but I do know what a week turns them into and it’s nothing bear/worm/animal shaped lol

  162. Tom Schulte says:

    Just want parents to know we found 7 bags of gummy bears in our fifteen year olds lacrosse bag. He and his friends planned to make this alcohol drink during spring break. Watch out for the gummy bears.

  163. Brandon Seymoure says:

    I can’t wait to try these out. I have a lot of vodka in my bar and a party Saturday and see what everybody thinks ill let y’all know….

  164. I tried these with vodka/Haribo Gummies as well as mixed berry fruit juice concentrate/vodka/Haribo Gummies (I added the juice after day 3) as well as Captain Morgan/Haribo Cola Gummies and Captain Morgan/Ferrera Gummies. All were fun to try. I’m more of a rum gal. So, I enjoyed the cola gummies best. But the vodka gummies mixed with the juice were pretty darn tasty! I started “taste testing” them after 24 hours. I’m up to day 5 and they are still very good. I would say from day 2 on they are ready. Keep them cold!

    I just wish I was more creative on how to serve these at a party. Any ideas?

  165. I did this recipe but instead of Gummi Bears . I used Star Burst Gummi fruit (Which I am not sure if you can get outside Australia) because I just find them tastier than Gummi Bears which taste like nothing.

    It only took 12 or so hours for the vodka to soak in completely and they are really really great. My only issue is the liquid turned into a rice starch consistency and needed to be rinsed. The Gummi’s are very wet. I think in future I will try a hair dryer on them (on low of course) just to dry them out a little.

    This has potential for being a cool party treat for the grown ups :)

  166. If they are slimey, wet, etc and you don’t like this texture…then after they have absorbed most of the vodka remove them from the sludge in the bottom and put them onto a clean plate….put this plate into the fridge for around 12 hours and they will go back to a similar (except a little bit stickier) texture to how they started…makes them easy to just pick up with fingers to eat – PERFECT!!!

  167. Smileycakes says:

    Any idea if this will work with Swedish Fish?

    • Are Swedish Fish different from the Red Fish I tried it with? I think they are the same and if so, it didn’t work – they’re too hard.

  168. Garnerma says:

    What if we found miniature plastic knives and used them as the toothpicks for serving drunk gummy bears at a Halloween party? Like those sandwich garnish swords…

  169. Try coconut vodka even better and taste good

  170. Yummy num num says:

    I want to try this with a giant gummy bear!

  171. Try orange gummy bears and whipped vodka…remember orangesicles? YUMMY!!

  172. add some fruit juice or cordial and it will taste a lot nicer (:

  173. SLY WHITEY says:

    Just wondering if anyone has tried experimenting with Swedish berries soaking in the Swedish berry drink???

  174. Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried it with other spirits, or bacardi, him etc… And what the outcome/taste was like? xx

  175. I tried with red wine… The wine softened the outer layers of the Bears.
    Making it to just scattered when you bite . It still taste on but the Bears got disfigured too . Perhaps. It’s not used to good wine lol

  176. Felecia Maldonado says:

    I am planning my bf dirty 30. We will have a beer cake, a birth day cake, and a gummy bear shot cup cake. I think most people are doing the gummy bears for show. Yes even liquor loving adults ha ha. I am off to get some bears trashed for my party guests.

  177. Aboutlastnight says:

    They sound good but I don’t recommend them. I had like 8 of em last night and seriously they gave me the s**** like you wouldn’t believe. It sounded like Texas chainsaw massacre part 2 in my bathroom for hours.

  178. How does this recipe hold up with rum? I prefer that over vodka. Does it work the same?

  179. loopyjupes says:

    hiya best ever ive had is liqourice vodka just pop some liqourice into a few empty glass bottles add vodka leave for atleast 2 weeks absaloutly gorgeous but very strong turns ya vodka near enough pure , done this for years and it blows your head off ideal for adult partys

  180. Can you freeze them after they’ve soaked in the fridge with the vodka? I love frozen gummy bears without vodka so I’m wondering if it’ll work with vodka? Anyone try? Let me know how it worked out!!

  181. Brian Crownover says:

    Having a party for my daughter this weekend. I just dont want a big mess. Will the alcohol turn them into hello or whats the best way to do it. Im just gonna use the cheap vodka. How long to soak? Will two days work? Its our first time and dont want to waist or make a huge mess.

  182. Ok, so I did my 1st vodka gummy last night, but also squeeze real lime juice. This morning when I went to check it out in the fridge, they were stuck together, so I dip my hand in the glass container and started to separate them. Can this be because of the lime juice? I’m thinking about adding more Vodka and not adding the lid. but only covering it with a plastic wrap. Any ideas?


    • It might be the lime juice, although some people have had that trouble without it and our beys guess so far is some brands of vodka don’t work as well as others for this. I think your plan of adding more vodka and leaving it in just plastic wrap is good, though. Hope it works!

  183. spambrando says:

    I just make a 50/50 jello shot mixture (depending on how much you want) in a bowl, with one or two boxes of jello and EITHER vodka or rum. When it starts “coagulating”, mix in a bunch of gummy worms, bears, whatever and transfer it all to a rectangular or square dish but large enough so it’s not too high in the dish. When completely set, just cut them up into squares. Everything’s ready for a party!

  184. Has anyone tried using Vanilla Vodka w/ the gummy bears? I’ll be using sugar-free bears.

  185. This was not my idea, but I will pass it on. If you want to make a large batch for a number of people to try out, you can use different kinds of liquor for different flavors of gummy bears. I picked out all of the pineapple ones and poured rum over them. All of the lemon and lime, and poured tequila or gin over them. Vodka over the other colors. Also, sometimes these come out so strong with the alcohol that the taste is unpleasant, so you can dilute the alcholic beverage with a complimentary flavor of soda. For example, Sprite with the gin over the green and yellow ones. Or a splash of Gran Marnier or other orange flavoring with a little lime soda over with the tequila over the lime gummy bears to get a margarita gummy.

  186. I used a plastic container, instructions before never dais don’t use plastic. What do I do now? Are they ruined?

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