Shotgun Cocktail

Shotgun Cocktail

The Shotgun Cocktail is straight alcohol with no mixers, like many other shots before it. This one is simply three types of whiskey in one glass. This drink is a nice choice for when you want a palatable shot of whiskey at a reasonable price, especially if you’re looking to chug it. It’s a simple, […]

John Collins cocktail

John Collins cocktail

The John Collins cocktail makes fantastic use of not-so-special bourbon whiskey. It turns out by adding some lemon juice, a little sugar and some carbonation, you can turn it into a very tasty cocktail. This is an ideal drink for cooling down on a hot day, especially one spent out of doors. It also goes […]

Cookie Tosser

Cookie Tosser cocktail

The Cookie Tosser is so named because of the effect it supposedly has on you. I’m pleased to report it did not make me toss my cookies, although I have to say – that’s a lot of lemon juice. The main ingredient here is two shots of lemon juice. It’s watered down by a little […]

Warm Woolly Sheep

Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail

The Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail may look like another cloyingly sweet Bailey’s based cocktail, but it’s not even close to that. This comfort drink blends scotch and Drambuie with warm milk. The result is a mildly sweet, creamy, warm drink that makes you feel cozy. It’s ideal for an evening curled up by the fire, […]


Charmer Cocktail

The Charmer cocktail flavors scotch with a touch of orange curacao, dry vermouth and orange bitters. The result is a lightly fruity, lightly oaken (depending on the scotch you use) and slightly spicy taste. This is definitely a drink to be savored. The flavors are fairly complex, even when you use a lesser quality scotch […]

Bourbon and Sprite

Bourbon and Sprite

Okay, the Bourbon and Sprite is one of those drinks where the title gives away the recipe. There’s just no intrigue, no suspense – it just is what it is. And yet simple can be awesome when it comes to cocktails. The lemon-lime and carbonation from the Sprite brings whatever fruity and woody notes your […]

Irish Cola

Irish Cola

The Irish Cola gets its name from blending Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream with cola. You probably could’ve guessed that on your own. This drink has a rich taste with notes of fruit and almond, and a little bit of smoke. It’s nice for relaxing and winding down, and even makes a great nightcap. […]

Modern Cocktail

Dark brown cocktail in stemless martini glass

The Modern Cocktail uses scotch as its base and adds a number of other ingredients for subtle flavoring. The end result is hard to describe – smoky and a tiny bit spicy. I usually recommend cheap but drinkable scotches in cocktails, but this is one of those rare cases where the scotch has got to […]


Fizzy brown cocktail over ice in old-fashioned glass

The C-MOB cocktail is very strong, featuring four and a half ounces of liquors along with some cola. It doesn’t sneak up on you, simply because you can’t put enough cola into an old-fashioned glass along with the liquors to disguise the kick. Aside from its obvious usefulness for when you’re looking to get rip-roaring […]