Toro Cocktail recipe - spiced rum, vodka, sour mix

The Toro cocktail features spiced rum and sweet and sour mix with vodka for some extra kick. The blend of spices and tangy flavors is fairly unusual. I like to serve this one by plucking a maraschino cherry out of its jar, not cleaning the juice off it, and dropping it straight in. That adds […]

Woo Woo Cocktail

Woo Woo Cocktail recipe

The Woo Woo Cocktail¬† has a cranberry juice base with peach schnapps for flavor and vodka for fun. It finds a wonderful middle ground between tart and mellow sweetness, and packs a little bit of a punch. You can serve this one shaken and strained rather than over ice, but the watering down effect is […]

Dirty Bloody Martini

Dirty Bloody Martini with Clamato Juice

The Dirty Bloody Martini is a spicy drink featuring pepper vodka as its main ingredient. The other dominant flavors come from the Clamato and the olive juice, so this is a savory drink. Overall, it may remind you of a cross between a Bloody Mary and a vodka martini. The savory and spicy flavors make […]

Chinese New Year Drinks

Chinese New Year Drinks

Did you know Chinese New Year is actually a Spring Festival? The new year gives you a clean slate, a chance to sweep away all the negative and welcome some good luck into your home and your life. Whether you’re entertaining for the occasion or just want to hoist a glass in celebration, we’ve collected […]

Sandbar Sleeper

Sandbar Sleeper Cocktail Recipe

The Sandbar Sleeper recipe makes 4-5 shots of creamy delicious goodness. You’ve got notes of coffee, hazelnut and caramel, so what’s not to love? This is a terrific party drink because you can whip up a pitcher and just pour and top off as needed. Just remember to keep it in the fridge so the […]

King of Poland

King of Poland cocktail recipe

The King of Poland is so-named because it features a Polish brand of vodka, but of course you can use another brand. The recipe blends a lot of vodka with some lemon juice and scotch. This drink is designed for chugging, since lemon, scotch and vodka probably aren’t the most easily received taste combination. But […]

Punzone Poinsettia

Punzone Poinsettia drink

The Punzone Poinsettia features the flavors of blood orange and raspberry. This is a crisp and refreshing drink, perfect for those who like just a touch of sweetness in a cocktail. The muddled fruits can be strained, but unless you used seeded fruit it’s really not necessary. This is a great choice for entertaining because […]

Honey Lemoncino

Honey Lemoncino drink

The Honey Lemoncino tastes, not surprisingly, like honey and lemon. The flavors are delicately balanced and on the subtle side. This is a drink you can serve warm or cold. Warm is great anytime you want to feel warm and cozy, but it’s actually also soothing for sore throats because there’s real honey and lemon […]

Gingerbread Martini

Gingerbread Martini

The Gingerbread Martini starts vodka and milk, and adds the flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon and a little bit of chocolate. The result is a drink that tastes creamy and slightly spicy, with a light sweetness. This is a fun, festive drink, ideal for anytime during autumn or winter, or whenever you’re craving tastes like nutmeg […]