Silver Cocktail

Silver Cocktail - gin, vermouth, maraschino liqueur

The Silver Cocktail is actually more of a pinkish or reddish color, but who cares? It mixes gin, dry vermouth and maraschino liqueur with a touch of simple syrup and orange bitters. This drink tastes like cherry and citrus with hints of spice. It has a warming effect, which makes it a very nice choice […]

Dirty Bloody Martini

Dirty Bloody Martini with Clamato Juice

The Dirty Bloody Martini is a spicy drink featuring pepper vodka as its main ingredient. The other dominant flavors come from the Clamato and the olive juice, so this is a savory drink. Overall, it may remind you of a cross between a Bloody Mary and a vodka martini. The savory and spicy flavors make […]

Fifty-Fifty cocktail

Fifty-fifty Cocktail recipe

The Fifty-Fifty is basically a not-so-dry martini. The recipe calls for equal parts gin and dry vermouth instead of the more traditional mostly gin with a little vermouth mix. You do have to like dry vermouth to enjoy this one. If you do, it’s a really nice change from the traditional gin martini. It’s stronger […]

Adonis Cocktail

Adonis cocktail

The Adonis Cocktail blends sweet vermouth with dry sherry, and then brings it all together with a dash of orange bitters. The overall flavor is wine-like, with that touch of spice from the orange bitters. This drink can be a nice change from wine. It can actually function like a red wine if you’re pairing […]

Jet Black

Jet Black cocktail

The Jet Black cocktail is, in fact, blue. Maybe the name is supposed to be a pun on that – it’s made with Black Sambuca, but it’s blue, so Jet Blue? Black Sambuca is a deep blue liqueur, but you use so little of it in this recipe that it gets watered down to a […]

Chris Crush

Chris Crush cocktail

The Chris Crush cocktail is (a) not something you should try to say three times quickly, especially if you’ve already had a couple and (b) blue! And who doesn’t love a blue cocktail? This is a fun drink that features refreshing citrus notes with a little bit of herbal and sweet lingering. The soda water […]


Charmer Cocktail

The Charmer cocktail flavors scotch with a touch of orange curacao, dry vermouth and orange bitters. The result is a lightly fruity, lightly oaken (depending on the scotch you use) and slightly spicy taste. This is definitely a drink to be savored. The flavors are fairly complex, even when you use a lesser quality scotch […]

Favorite Cocktail

The Favorite Cocktail

The Favorite Cocktail cuts apricot brandy with dry vermouth, gin and lemon juice. The tang of those ingredients turns a cloyingly sweet brandy into something palatable. The apricot note in this drink is strengthened by the citrus from the lemon juice. It’s still a fairly sweet drink, as you’d expect with anything involving apricot brandy. […]


Gibson cocktail

The Gibson is very nearly a martini, except it calls for a very specific garnish: two cocktail onions. You won’t be surprised to hear people usually either love or hate this drink. The onions lose some of their flavor to the herbal and citrus notes of the gin and vermouth, but a definite mild onion […]