Riley cocktail

Riley Cocktail recipe - Cointreau, Creme de Cassis, rum, citrus

The Riley cocktail features light rum with the flavors of orange, lemon, lime and a touch of berry. The dominant flavor is citrus, but the berry takes the tart edge off. This is a drink that’s lightly fruity, lightly sweet and lightly refreshing – not too much of anything. Nice and mild, but not lacking […]

Bulldozer drink

Bulldozer Cocktail - Schlitz, 151 Proof Rum

The Bulldozer is so named because it goes through your brain like a bulldozer. It’s some strong stuff – malt liquor spiced with high proof rum. The taste of this drink is nothing to write home about. It’s mainly the malt liquor, with the rum not adding any deliciousness. This one’s all about the kick, […]

Suffragette City

Suffragette City cocktail

The Suffragette City cocktail probably got its name from being pinkish in color. It blends orange, lime and berry flavors with light rum, so it’s very easy to like. This drink is light on the fruit flavors, so you can enjoy it when you want something a little bit fruity but not overwhelmingly sweet or […]

Purple Helmeted Warrior

Purple Helmeted Warrior Cocktail

The Purple Helmeted Warrior cocktail features the flavors of orange, peach, lime, lemon and berry. It’s purple and bubbly, hence the name, but probably should not be worn as a helmet. This is a tasty little fruity drink with a nice visual effect from dropping the grenadine down the middle at the very end. It’s […]

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper cocktail

Remember the Shark Bite, which added three drops of grenadine at the end to look like blood in the water? The Grim Reaper has a similar effect, but this time I figured out how to make it look a whole lot cooler. The grenadine just rolls off my ice so quickly it’s lost in the […]

Cape Of Good Will

Cape of Good Will cocktail

The Cape Of Good Will cocktail blends the flavors of apricot, lime and orange with a hint of spice. The result is mildly sweet with a nice tart edge. The fruit notes in this drink are light, making it perfect for when you want something a little bit fruity but don’t feel like being knocked […]

Shark Bite

Shark Bite cocktail

The Shark Bite cocktail gets its name from the way the three drops of grenadine look like blood in the greenish-blue water. This one always gets a laugh at parties, especially Halloween parties The blend of orange, spices and citrus with a hint of berry is also quite tasty. This is an easy drink to […]

Cowboy Roy

Cowboy Roy cocktail

You might expect a drink called Cowboy Roy to feature corn whiskey and saddle soap, but no. It’s mainly orange juice, with plenty of vodka and rum. That makes it an alternative to the Screwdriver, and a nice drink to enjoy by the pool or anytime you’re in the mood for orange juice. In this […]

Scrumptious Coffee

Scrumptious Coffee

The Scrumptious Coffee cocktail recipe is designed to serve 10-13 people, making it great for parties. It’s a warm coffee based cocktail. This recipe will keep you awake, so it’s best for early evening. The coffee is blended with rum and brandy, and infused with orange and cinnamon for flavor. It’s a simple comfort drink […]