Pineapple Margarita

Pineapple Margarita recipe

The Pineapple Margarita adds fresh pineapple juice to the usual Margarita recipe. I always expect pineapple to take over the flavor of a drink, but in this case the lime and orange give all that sweetness a nice, refreshing edge. And the agave flavor from the tequila adds some wonderful complexity. This recipe serves 8, […]

Cactus Bowl

Cactus Bowl Cocktail

The Cactus Bowl cocktail blends pineapple and lime juices with light rum, spiced rum and amaretto. The result is a flavor that’s tart, sweet, spicy and nutty. This is a pretty fascinating drink. You can sit there with each sip trying to figure out all the notes, or you can just enjoy the overall flavor […]

Monkey in a tree

Monkey In a Tree cocktail

The Monkey in a Tree is supposed to be a golden cocktail with a layer of green Midori floating on top, but it must depend on the brand of creme de banane you use, because my Modori sunk to the bottom like a rock. You can just barely see a thin line of green at […]


Windjammer cocktail

The Windjammer cocktail blends pineapple and orange with amaretto for a taste that’s mostly fruit but also a little bit almond. This is a very tasty drink that doesn’t need any acquired taste. This drink is not very strong, and that fact combined with the fruit juice makes it a great thing to take along […]



People love an amazingly green cocktail almost as much as they love the blue ones. The Evergreen cocktail certainly is pretty to look at. It gets its color from a combination of Midori and green creme de menthe, but along with the melon and mint flavors, it features white grapefruit and pineapple juices. The flavor […]

Mary Pickford cocktail

Peach colored cocktail in martini glass with pineapple wedge

The Mary Pickford cocktail is a stealth drink – it tastes so smooth and sweet, you may not realize it’s got a kick. It’s not an especially strong drink like the Zombie, but it gets the job done. Instead of your typical rum-pineapple-coconut flavors, the Mary Pickford adds cherry in place of the coconut. This […]


Cloudy yellow cocktail in old-fashioned glass with pineapple wedge

The Limbo cocktail is simple, but it has a unique combination of flavors: pineapple and peach. This is a very mellow, fruity drink that goes down oh so smoothly. Enjoy a Limbo cocktail the next time you’re in the mood for something that’s sweet without any tang or sharp notes at all. This one’s great […]


Light greenish cocktail over ice in tall glass with pineapple wedge and cocktail umbrella

There are a number of  cocktails out there calling themselves the Tropicana, but this is the recipe that calls for a touch of creme de cacao. Oh, yes – this one is different from the others. The overall flavor here is fruity, but it definitely has that kind of flavor that you have to think […]

Foreplay Cocktail

Amber cocktail in shot glass

The Foreplay Cocktail is a very simple shooter cocktail featuring the flavors of almond and pineapple. It’s a sweet, rich, intoxicating combination. This is a very weak shot, since the only alcohol in it is a half ounce of liqueur. But sometimes a weak drink is just what you want – something you can toss […]