Key West Margarita

Key West Margarita recipe

The Key West Margarita is a tasty blended margarita recipe that uses Midori and pina colada. This makes for a flavor that’s smooth and bold with just a touch of lime to wake it up. The dash of grenadine adds just a hint of berry. This is a terrific drink for the poolside – or […]

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel Cocktail recipe

If it weren’t for the orange juice, the Flying Squirrel could almost be a margarita. The dominant flavor in this one is orange, with the Rose’s Lime adding a tart note of it own. Try this drink the next time you’re in the mood for a margarita. It’s great for a get-together with friends. Recipe […]

Riley cocktail

Riley Cocktail recipe - Cointreau, Creme de Cassis, rum, citrus

The Riley cocktail features light rum with the flavors of orange, lemon, lime and a touch of berry. The dominant flavor is citrus, but the berry takes the tart edge off. This is a drink that’s lightly fruity, lightly sweet and lightly refreshing – not too much of anything. Nice and mild, but not lacking […]

Orange Oasis

Orange Oasis cocktail recipe

The Orange Oasis cocktail features a healthy dose of orange juice with a standard serving of gin, some cherry brandy, and a fill-up with ginger ale. The result is sweet, spicy and fruity. The other ingredients in this drink mellow out the tartness of the orange juice, making it a great choice for when you […]

Sun Of A Beach

Sun of a Beach drink recipe

The Sun Of A Beach cocktail has a fun visual effect: the Midori sinks to the bottom whether you pour it first or last, so there’s a green ring around the bottom and orange above. The taste of this one is a tangy, sweet blend of orange and melon. It’s suitable as a breakfast or […]

Orange Margarita

Orange Margarita recipe

The Orange Margarita recipe calls for 4-6 ounces orange juice, making it one of those cocktails you could actually enjoy for breakfast. Aside from that, there’s tequila, triple sec and a splash of lime. As you can probably already guess, the big note in this drink is orange. If you use a decent quality, 100% […]

Revel ‘N’ Devil Ginger

Revel 'n' Devil drink

The Revel ‘N’ Devil Ginger cocktail features the traditional orange and lime flavors of a margarita blended with ginger beer for an added edge of spice. With a rim made from a combination of sugar and fruit zest, it’s a drink that looks as exciting as it tastes. Recipe Recipe & photo courtesy of Jose […]

Jalapeno’s Revenge

Jalepeno's Revenge Margarita

The Jalepeno’s Revenge is a margarita variation featuring strong notes of jalapeno with blood orange. The flavors here are rich and intense as well as spicy. Even though this is a cold drink, there’s something warming about the blend of spicy, sweet and tangy. Be aware you have to infuse the tequila in advance, so […]

Amaretto Stone Sour

Amaretto Stone Sour

The Amaretto Stone Sour cocktail mixes amaretto with sweet and sour and orange juice. The result is sweet, nutty and tart, with the citrus dominating and the sweet nuttiness coming in a close second. This is a great drink to enjoy on a date or a quiet evening. It’s got some sweetness and richness, but […]