Broken Down Golf Cart

Broken Down Golf Cart drink recipe - Midori, Amaretto & Lime Juice

The Broken Down Golf Cart is a shooter cocktail that's very light on the alcohol. Even with the lime juice cutting the sweetness of the Midori and amaretto, this is still a pretty sweet drink. The first thing I taste is the melon from the Midori, which is quickly followed by both sharp notes from … [Read more...]

Midori Sour

Midori Sour drink recipe - Midori, Whiskey, Lemon, Sprite

The Midori Sour is based loosely on the classic Whiskey Sour. It features Midori blended with whiskey, lemon juice and Sprite. The melon flavor hits your taste buds first, with lemon following closely behind. Remember not to waste good single malt whiskey on a cocktail - Jack Daniel's or … [Read more...]

Soylent Green

Soylent Green drink recipe - Vodka, Midori, Cream, Lemon

Named for an apocalytic movie, the Soylent Green cocktail kind of looks like the end of the world. It's green and murky, and could easily be mistaken for a health beverage. The main flavor in this drink is melon, with a touch of lemon to brighten it up, and the cream to smooth it all out. The … [Read more...]

Midori Green Russian

Midori Green Russian drink recipe - Midori, Vodka, Cream

We've got a White Russian, Black Russian and Blue Russian already - why not add a Midori Green Russian to the collection? This drink blends Midori with vodka and cream. You'll definitely need to like Midori to enjoy this one because it is by far the dominant flavor. The cream just mellows it a … [Read more...]

Key West Margarita

Key West Margarita recipe - Tequila, Midori, Pina Colada Mix, Lime, Orange, Grenadine

The Key West Margarita is a tasty blended margarita recipe that uses Midori and pina colada. This makes for a flavor that's smooth and bold with just a touch of lime to wake it up. The dash of grenadine adds just a hint of berry. This is a terrific drink for the poolside - or anytime you're … [Read more...]

Sun Of A Beach

Sun of a Beach drink recipe - Midori, Gin, Orange Juice

The Sun Of A Beach cocktail has a fun visual effect: the Midori sinks to the bottom whether you pour it first or last, so there's a green ring around the bottom and orange above. The taste of this one is a tangy, sweet blend of orange and melon. It's suitable as a breakfast or brunch drink, … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year Drinks

Chinese New Year Drinks

Did you know Chinese New Year is actually a Spring Festival? The new year gives you a clean slate, a chance to sweep away all the negative and welcome some good luck into your home and your life. Whether you're entertaining for the occasion or just want to hoist a glass in celebration, we've … [Read more...]

Evil Tongue

Evil Tongue drink recipe - Gin, Midori, Sour Mix, 7-Up

The Evil Tongue cocktail is a beautiful translucent green, and it tastes like citrus and melon. What more could you want in a drink? This is not as sweet as your typical Midori drink. The citrus notes are also a bit stronger than the melon, so it's one of those few drink recipes where the … [Read more...]

Monkey in a tree

Monkey In a Tree drink recipe: Malibu Rum, Creme de Banane, Grenadine, Midori, Pineapple

The Monkey in a Tree is supposed to be a golden cocktail with a layer of green Midori floating on top, or a golden cocktail with the Midori at the bottom like a sunrise effect. But it all depends on the brands you use for the other ingredients. Sometimes it just all mixes together. But that's … [Read more...]


Smartie drink recipe - Grape Schnapps, Midori

The Smartie cocktail gets its name from Smarties candies, which it supposedly tastes like. I'm not sure I agree with that, but I can tell you what it tastes like. This drink has a very sweet, mellow fruity flavor. You can taste the grape and melon individually if you really try, but it's more … [Read more...]

Green Dinosaur

Green Dinosaur drink recipe: tequila, vodka, rum, Midori, lemonade

The Green Dinosaur cocktail features three white liquors with Midori and lemonade. It's a rather strong drink, and the mixers don't do much to disguise the kick. This is a great drink for hanging out with friends, and if your friends all like Midori it's not a bad idea to make up a pitcher of … [Read more...]

Evergreen Cocktail

Evergreen drink recipe: Tequila, Green Creme de Menthe, Midori, White Grapefruit, Pineapple

People love an amazingly green cocktail almost as much as they love the blue ones. The Evergreen cocktail certainly is pretty to look at. It gets its color from a combination of Midori and green creme de menthe, but along with the melon and mint flavors, it features white grapefruit and … [Read more...]