Riley cocktail

Riley Cocktail recipe - Cointreau, Creme de Cassis, rum, citrus

The Riley cocktail features light rum with the flavors of orange, lemon, lime and a touch of berry. The dominant flavor is citrus, but the berry takes the tart edge off. This is a drink that’s lightly fruity, lightly sweet and lightly refreshing – not too much of anything. Nice and mild, but not lacking […]

Gin Daisy

Gin Daisy cocktail recipe

The Gin Daisy cocktail blends gin with lemon juice, sugar and some grenadine. The result is mostly citrus with a touch of sweetness and some berry notes. This drink improves with a better quality gin. It’s good with a moderate quality one, but going top shelf makes a noticeable difference. The Gin Daisy is great […]

Polo Cocktail

Polo Cocktail

The Polo Cocktail is mostly gin with just a little bit of orange and lemon juices. These brings out the citrus notes in the gin. The overall flavor here is definitely citrus. I like a gin like Hendrick’s for this one, because it already has prominent citrus notes. This is a refreshing, tart cocktail that […]

King of Poland

King of Poland cocktail recipe

The King of Poland is so-named because it features a Polish brand of vodka, but of course you can use another brand. The recipe blends a lot of vodka with some lemon juice and scotch. This drink is designed for chugging, since lemon, scotch and vodka probably aren’t the most easily received taste combination. But […]

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva Cocktail recipe

The Lady Godiva cocktail features the flavors of lightly sweetened citrus with various other notes playing in the background (it depends what brand of brandy you use). This is a great drink for a cold day because brandy can make you feel warm. That makes it just right for an evening with someone special, too. […]

John Collins cocktail

John Collins cocktail

The John Collins cocktail makes fantastic use of not-so-special bourbon whiskey. It turns out by adding some lemon juice, a little sugar and some carbonation, you can turn it into a very tasty cocktail. This is an ideal drink for cooling down on a hot day, especially one spent out of doors. It also goes […]

Chris Crush

Chris Crush cocktail

The Chris Crush cocktail is (a) not something you should try to say three times quickly, especially if you’ve already had a couple and (b) blue! And who doesn’t love a blue cocktail? This is a fun drink that features refreshing citrus notes with a little bit of herbal and sweet lingering. The soda water […]

Blue Skies

Blue Skies cocktail

The Blue Skies cocktail is a British recipe, so when it calls for lemonade, it’s referring to a carbonated beverage. Lemonade in the US is flat, so to my fellow Americans, I recommend adding some club soda to your flat lemonade to get the same effect. Of course you can just use flat lemonade, but […]

Silver Fizz

Silver Fizz Cocktail

The Silver Fizz cocktail answers the question, “What if pink lemonade was creamy, slightly sweet, a little bit filling, and had some vodka for a kick?” This drink is actually recommended as a breakfast drink because it uses a raw egg and some half-n-half for a bit of nutritional value. The flavor is mainly pink […]