Just Shoot Me

Amber colored cocktail in a shot glass

The Just Shoot Me is one heck of a shooter. Despite featuring 6 types of hard liquor with no mixers in site, it’s surprisingly smooth and can actually sneak up on you. There’s no need to toss this one quickly down before you taste it, though. It’s composed of three decent quality whiskeys that taste […]

Fiery German

Fiery German cocktail - Cinnamon Schnapps, Jaggermeister

The Fiery German is a simple shot to pour, but the flavor is complex. It features the herbal notes of Jagermeister (often described as something like black licorice) and the spice of cinnamon. Many people think Jagermeister exists only to be poured into shots and guzzled at light speed so as to avoid the taste, […]


Brown cocktail shot from above

Who doesn’t love a cocktail you can set on fire? The Eliminator is your basic one ounce shot comprised of three different liquors – well, four, if you count the rum that burns off when you light it. This is a fun drink for getting loosened up as the evening’s just getting started. But remember, […]

Midnight Oil

Dark liquid in a shot glass

The Midnight Oil shot got its name from its appearance: it looks a little like oil. It’s basically three parts amaretto to one part Jagermeister, and the flavor is rich, nutty and slightly fruity. This shooter is better savored than chugged. Enjoy a Midnight Oil whenever you’re in the mood for something a little sweet. […]

Grizzly Bear

Creamy light brown cocktail in coupe glass

The Grizzly Bear cocktail is surprisingly gentle. Doesn’t really have a bite at all. You may be wondering about the Jagermeister parked there in the middle of sweet rich liqueurs and milk, but herbal liqueurs are marrying ingredients. That is, somehow, despite their flavor sounding so wrong for the job, they bring all the other […]

Oil Slick

Brown shooter cocktail

The Oil Slick cocktail will surprise you. It blends the sweet herbal notes of Jagermeister with a peppermint liqueur. It’s not a flavor you’d expect. While you can make a perfectly tasty version of this by just pouring the two liqueurs into a shot glass and stirring, it’s actually better shaken. It’s also a good […]