Key West Margarita

Key West Margarita recipe

The Key West Margarita is a tasty blended margarita recipe that uses Midori and pina colada. This makes for a flavor that’s smooth and bold with just a touch of lime to wake it up. The dash of grenadine adds just a hint of berry. This is a terrific drink for the poolside – or […]

Gin Daisy

Gin Daisy cocktail recipe

The Gin Daisy cocktail blends gin with lemon juice, sugar and some grenadine. The result is mostly citrus with a touch of sweetness and some berry notes. This drink improves with a better quality gin. It’s good with a moderate quality one, but going top shelf makes a noticeable difference. The Gin Daisy is great […]

Monkey in a tree

Monkey In a Tree cocktail

The Monkey in a Tree is supposed to be a golden cocktail with a layer of green Midori floating on top, but it must depend on the brand of creme de banane you use, because my Modori sunk to the bottom like a rock. You can just barely see a thin line of green at […]

Suffragette City

Suffragette City cocktail

The Suffragette City cocktail probably got its name from being pinkish in color. It blends orange, lime and berry flavors with light rum, so it’s very easy to like. This drink is light on the fruit flavors, so you can enjoy it when you want something a little bit fruity but not overwhelmingly sweet or […]

Purple Helmeted Warrior

Purple Helmeted Warrior Cocktail

The Purple Helmeted Warrior cocktail features the flavors of orange, peach, lime, lemon and berry. It’s purple and bubbly, hence the name, but probably should not be worn as a helmet. This is a tasty little fruity drink with a nice visual effect from dropping the grenadine down the middle at the very end. It’s […]

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper cocktail

Remember the Shark Bite, which added three drops of grenadine at the end to look like blood in the water? The Grim Reaper has a similar effect, but this time I figured out how to make it look a whole lot cooler. The grenadine just rolls off my ice so quickly it’s lost in the […]

Spooky Juice

Spooky Juice

The Spooky Juice cocktail is a murky green cocktail that tastes mainly like orange with just a hint of berry. It’s obviously great for Halloween, but there’s no reason to save it for that occasion. The flavor of this one is simple and easy to like. It’s the visual effect that makes it memorable. There’s […]

Shark Bite

Shark Bite cocktail

The Shark Bite cocktail gets its name from the way the three drops of grenadine look like blood in the greenish-blue water. This one always gets a laugh at parties, especially Halloween parties The blend of orange, spices and citrus with a hint of berry is also quite tasty. This is an easy drink to […]

Royal Clover Club Cocktail

Royal Clover Club Cocktail recipe

The Royal Clover Club Cocktail has a flavor that’s all citrus and berry, but a texture that’s creamy. That’s because it uses an egg yolk which adds very little flavor, but some definite body. If the idea of a raw egg yolk in your drink bothers you, just use an egg substitute product. Since those […]