Top Shelf Margarita

Top Shelf Margarita Recipe

The top Shelf Margarita eschews the usual sour mix in favor of lime juice, and that’s a delicious move. To that, it adds Grand Marnier (I also recommend Patron Citronge) and the top shelf tequila of your choice. The flavors of lime and orange seem fresher and more complex in this recipe compared to the […]

Suffragette City

Suffragette City cocktail

The Suffragette City cocktail probably got its name from being pinkish in color. It blends orange, lime and berry flavors with light rum, so it’s very easy to like. This drink is light on the fruit flavors, so you can enjoy it when you want something a little bit fruity but not overwhelmingly sweet or […]

Umbrella Man Special

Pale creamy cocktail over ice in old fashioned glass with umbrella

The Umbrella Man Special is one of those super-easy cocktails featuring equal parts of everything, and most of them sweet liqueurs. But this one uses a fairly unusual ingredient: Drambuie. Without that, this drink would be be a B-52 with added vodka. But the Drambuie adds a honey flavor into the mix, and that makes […]

French Martini

Reddish drink in martini glass

The French Martini is really not a martini in any sense of the word. It’s got mixers, and it uses neither gin nor vodka. But it’s orange and raspberry flavored – a fun choice whenever you’re in the mood for a fresh new fruity cocktail that’s not an old standard. This is a great drink […]

The 12 cocktails of Christmas

The 12 Cocktails of Christmas

There are a number of traditional Christmas or winter holiday drinks, but in recent years people have gotten very creative. Some people have created Christmas-themed cocktails from scratch, while others have added Christmas twists to existing cocktail recipes. This is a collection of… well, whatever struck my fancy as a winter holiday cocktail. The Peppermint […]

Top 10 Thanksgiving cocktail recipes

Creamy orange-ish drink in parfait glass with cute swizzle stick, with orange background

The main rule of thumb for selecting Thanksgiving cocktails should be: does it make you want to curl up by a fire and sip? Then it’s a potential Thanksgiving cocktail. If you want to get even more of a Thanksgiving or autumn feel, think about fall harvest and all the traditional foods of Thanksgiving. Look […]


Orange cocktail with ice in old-fashioned glass with orange slice and black/brown background

The Mallelieu is just one flavor – orange. The rum adds a certain sweet richness to the flavor, and the Grand Marnier brings out just a little bit of tartness. This is a really smooth, drinkable cocktail, and the fact that it all blends into one flavor note is a plus in a world filled […]

Inverted Pyramid Martini

Clear cocktail with orange wheel in martini glass against Egyptian themed fabric background

The Inverted Pyramid Martini is a martini in the sense that it’s pure alcohol – no lightweight mixers. It’s Absolut Citron and Kurant with just a splash of Grand Marnier. The flavor is a delicious mix of citrus and berry that could make you forget you’re drinking pretty much straight vodka. The Inverted Pyramid Martini […]

T-52 Shooter

T-52 Shooter recipe featuring Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur

If you enjoy a B-52, you’ve got to try the T-52 Shooter. It’s basically the same drink, but with the Irish cream swapped for a strawberry cream liqueur. That goes incredibly well with both the coffee and orange flavors of the other two liqueurs. In fact, you know how the B-52 tastes like caramel candy? […]