Godiva Chocolate Martini

Godiva Chocolate Martini recipe - Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Creme de Cacao, Vodka, Cream

The Godiva Chocolate Martini - because one can't have too many chocolate martini type recipes, oh, goodness, no - blends Godiva chocolate liqueur with creme de cacao, amps it up with a touch of vodka and smooths it all out with some half-and-half. This is a fairly strong drink, despite the sweetness … [Read more...]

Chocolate Margarita

Chocolate Margarita drink recipe - tequila, Godiva, Cream, Hershey's Syrup, Orange Juice, Oreos

The Chocolate Margarita uses tequila and orange juice, but there any resemblance to a traditional Margarita ends. After that, it's all Godiva chocolate liqueur, Hershey's syrup and cream. The end result? A creamy, chocolatey concoction with just the right hint of orange. It's not recommended … [Read more...]

Soylent Green

Soylent Green drink recipe - Vodka, Midori, Cream, Lemon

Named for an apocalytic movie, the Soylent Green cocktail kind of looks like the end of the world. It's green and murky, and could easily be mistaken for a health beverage. The main flavor in this drink is melon, with a touch of lemon to brighten it up, and the cream to smooth it all out. The … [Read more...]

Midori Green Russian

Midori Green Russian drink recipe - Midori, Vodka, Cream

We've got a White Russian, Black Russian and Blue Russian already - why not add a Midori Green Russian to the collection? This drink blends Midori with vodka and cream. You'll definitely need to like Midori to enjoy this one because it is by far the dominant flavor. The cream just mellows it a … [Read more...]

Aggravation Cocktail

Aggravation Cocktail recipe - Scotch, Kahlua, Cream

I can't help but wonder where the Aggravation Cocktail got its name. Maybe it helps you get past aggravation? Because it sure doesn't cause any. This drink features scotch with Kahlua and cream, making it something you could think of as an interesting variation on the White Russian. You might … [Read more...]

Cioccolato e cocco

Cioccolato e Cocco drink recipe - Coconut Rum, Milk, Cream of Coconut, Creme de Cacao

"Cioccolato e cocco" is Italian and means "chocolate and coconut" in English. That's the flavor you get with this cocktail. This is a terrifically tasty drink that balances the sweetness of coconut rum and creme de cacao with milk, heavy cream and cream of coconut. That makes it a little more … [Read more...]

Blonde on Ice

Blonde on Ice drink recipe - Creme de Banane, Peppermint Schnapps, Vodka, Cream

The Blonde on Ice cocktail is a very light brown drink served over ice - hence the name. It blends the flavors of banana and peppermint with vodka and cream. The result is a taste that's mainly banana with a minty edge and a smooth creamy finish that makes the whole thing go down ever so … [Read more...]

Silver Fizz

Silver Fizz drink recipe - Vodka, Pine Lemonade, Raw Egg, Half-n-Half, Powdered Sugar

The Silver Fizz cocktail answers the question, "What if pink lemonade was creamy, slightly sweet, a little bit filling, and had some vodka for a kick?" This drink is actually recommended as a breakfast drink because it uses a raw egg and some half-n-half for a bit of nutritional value. The … [Read more...]