Aggravation Cocktail

Aggravation Cocktail recipe

I can’t help but wonder where the Aggravation Cocktail got its name. Maybe it helps you get past aggravation? Because it sure doesn’t cause any. This drink features scotch with Kahlua and cream, making it something you could think of as an interesting variation on the White Russian. You might think scotch and Kahlua would […]

Cioccolato e cocco

Cioccolato e Cocco Cocktail Recipe

“Cioccolato e cocco” is Italian and means “chocolate and coconut” in English. That’s the flavor you get with this cocktail. This is a terrifically tasty drink that balances the sweetness of coconut rum and creme de cacao with milk, heavy cream and cream of coconut. That makes it a little more subtle and sophisticated than […]

Blonde on Ice

Blonde on Ice cocktail

The Blonde on Ice cocktail is a very light brown drink served over ice – hence the name. It blends the flavors of banana and peppermint with vodka and cream. The result is a taste that’s mainly banana with a minty edge and a smooth creamy finish that makes the whole thing go down ever […]

Silver Fizz

Silver Fizz Cocktail

The Silver Fizz cocktail answers the question, “What if pink lemonade was creamy, slightly sweet, a little bit filling, and had some vodka for a kick?” This drink is actually recommended as a breakfast drink because it uses a raw egg and some half-n-half for a bit of nutritional value. The flavor is mainly pink […]

Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud cocktail

The Silver Cloud tastes like a mocha latte with amaretto syrup. It’s sweet and creamy, with a nice rich taste. This is a great drink for when you actually need something to fill you up a little – that’s where the milk comes in. It’s pretty light on the alcohol, but it’s definitely got a […]

Road Streaker

Creamy light brown cocktail over ice in old-fashioned glass

The Road Streaker cocktail isn’t as cloyingly sweet as you’d expect from glancing at the ingredients. Three liqueurs make up nearly two ounces of the drink. But the other ounces are vodka and heavy cream, which cut the sweetness considerably. This is a great drink for when you want to enjoy the flavors of the […]


Light brown creamy cocktail in shot glass

You will not be surprised to hear that the Princess cocktail is just a bit on the frou-frou side. The overall flavor can best be described as “creamy apricot.” We’re practically in a Disney movie here! The main ingredient is a full shot of apricot brandy, which people tend to either love or hate. The […]

Last Straw

Light brown creamy cocktail in martini glass with cherry garnish

Well, this is it – the Last Straw. Cocktail, that is. The, um, Last Straw cocktail. Yeah. You’re right, let’s stop with the puns. This drink is all sweet liqueurs and cream, so much so that you could definitely have it as a dessert drink. The slightly tangy fruit flavors – orange and black currant […]

Parisian Blend

Creamy thick light brown cocktail in stemless martini glass

The Parisian Blend cocktail tastes like oranges and cream. It’s a mellow drink that I always want to put in the same class as cold coffee drinks, even though there’s nothing of coffee in this one. This drink makes a very nice aperitif, or you can save it for after dinner and think of it […]