Lugger drink recipe - Calvados, Brandy, Apricot Brandy

The Lugger is a sweet cocktail, but not a syrupy-fruity kind of sweet. It features Calvados, a type of apple brandy, regular brandy, and just a dash of apricot brandy. All three of those are on the sweet side, but the dominant note in this drink is apple followed by apricot. The brandy … [Read more...]

Presidential Margarita

Presidential Margarita recipe - Tequila, Brandy, Cointreau, Lime

The Presidential Margarita adds brandy to the usual tequila, Cointreau and lime juice mix. The result is a slightly sweeter and more full-bodied margarita. This drink is particularly nice after dinner or in the evening because it's a fairly stiff drink, good for when you're ready to kick back and … [Read more...]

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever drink recipe - Brandy, Strawberry Schnapps, Soda Water

The Strawberry Fields Forever cocktail is mostly strawberry schnapps with a touch of brandy and then some soda water to add carbonation. The result tastes a lot of a strawberry soda. This drink is perfect when you're in the mood for overwhelming strawberry flavor. It's actually amazing served … [Read more...]

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva drink recipe - Brandy, Triple Sec, Sugar, Lemon, Lime

The Lady Godiva cocktail features the flavors of lightly sweetened citrus with various other notes playing in the background (it depends what brand of brandy you use). This is a great drink for a cold day because brandy can make you feel warm. That makes it just right for an evening with … [Read more...]

Pistachio Cream

Pistachio Cream drink recipe - Pistachio Liqueur, Brandy, Vanille Ice Cream

Admit it - just the name of the Pistachio Cream drink makes you want to try it, right? If you enjoy pistachio ice cream, think of this as the adult version. This blended drink features pistachio liqueur, not a common cocktail ingredient. The dominant flavor is pistachio, but it's really quite … [Read more...]

Baltimore Bracer

Baltimore Bracer drink recipe - Brandy, Anisette, Egg White

The Baltimore Bracer cocktail is a beautiful drink that features a healthy dose of anisette. So much so that if you can't stand the flavor of black licorice, you probably should just give this one a miss. But if you do like black licorice, that powerful note is balanced out by an equal amount … [Read more...]

Scrumptious Coffee

Scrumptious Coffee recipe - Strong Black Coffee, Brown Sugar, Brandy, Rum, Cinnamon, Whipped Cream, Orange Peel

The Scrumptious Coffee cocktail recipe is designed to serve 10-13 people, making it great for parties. It's a warm coffee based cocktail. This recipe will keep you awake, so it's best for early evening. The coffee is blended with rum and brandy, and infused with orange and cinnamon for … [Read more...]

Amaretto Shake

Amaretto Shake recipe - Amaretto, Chocolate Ice Cream, Brandy

The Amaretto Shake is just what it sounds like: an almond-chocolate milk shake, grown-up style. It's so smooth you might not notice the two ounces of brandy. Like any blended drink, this one is great for cooling off. It's also a delicious dessert substitute because it's got some texture to go … [Read more...]