Cactus Bowl

Cactus Bowl Cocktail

The Cactus Bowl cocktail blends pineapple and lime juices with light rum, spiced rum and amaretto. The result is a flavor that’s tart, sweet, spicy and nutty. This is a pretty fascinating drink. You can sit there with each sip trying to figure out all the notes, or you can just enjoy the overall flavor […]

Ultimate Eggnog Martini

Ultimate Eggnog Martini

The Ultimate Eggnog Martini may be the answer if you’re needing something a little stronger than eggnog alone. This drink takes eggnog to the next level with the addition of vanilla vodka and amaretto for a rich, sweet, delicious treat, Recipe 2 1/2 ounces eggnog 1 ounce¬† Three Olives Vanilla Vodka 1 ounce amaretto Caramel […]

Amaretto Stone Sour

Amaretto Stone Sour

The Amaretto Stone Sour cocktail mixes amaretto with sweet and sour and orange juice. The result is sweet, nutty and tart, with the citrus dominating and the sweet nuttiness coming in a close second. This is a great drink to enjoy on a date or a quiet evening. It’s got some sweetness and richness, but […]

Almond Chocolate Coffee

Almond Chocolate Coffee

The Almond Chocolate Coffee cocktail blends amaretto, creme de cacao and hot coffee. The result is just what the name implies – an almond chocolate coffee drink that’s hard to resist. This is one of those drinks that’s so easy to make, it’s like why would you pour yourself a cup of coffee and not […]


Windjammer cocktail

The Windjammer cocktail blends pineapple and orange with amaretto for a taste that’s mostly fruit but also a little bit almond. This is a very tasty drink that doesn’t need any acquired taste. This drink is not very strong, and that fact combined with the fruit juice makes it a great thing to take along […]


Cramit Cocktail

The Cramit cocktail may sound rude, but it’s nothing but smooth. It blends amaretto with cranberry juice, and that’s a surprisingly nice combination. The sharpness of the cranberry and the mellow sweetness of the amaretto turn out to complement one another beautifully. This drink is mildly sweet with such delicious berry and nut notes that […]

Almond Casa Noble

Almond Casa Noble Cocktail

The Almond Casa Noble cocktail blends just a touch of tequila with equal parts amaretto and orange juice. It’s rich and fruity with distant notes of vanilla and chocolate, and something almost buttery. This is a cocktail that’s designed to be savored. The flavors here are too wonderfully complex to be enjoyed alongside food – […]

Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud cocktail

The Silver Cloud tastes like a mocha latte with amaretto syrup. It’s sweet and creamy, with a nice rich taste. This is a great drink for when you actually need something to fill you up a little – that’s where the milk comes in. It’s pretty light on the alcohol, but it’s definitely got a […]

Italian Nut

Amber cocktail in martini glass

The Italian Nut cocktail blends orange with the flavors of amaretto and coconut and just a touch of berry. It’s a sweet, fruity little drink that hits the spot. This drink is just perfect for the poolside or anytime you want to cool down. The orange juice helps to keep you hydrated. This one makes […]