St. Patrick’s Day cocktails

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The St. Patrick’s Day holiday has a rich history in Irish culture, but let’s face: it’s now basically an excuse to paint stuff green, make green stuff and drink lots of green beer. We have your back on that last one, and we also have a variety of green cocktails for those of you who feel there’s a limit on how much green beer one can enjoy. For even more drinks, crafts and recipes, check out our St. Patrick’s Day Fun Pinterest board.

St. Patrick's Day Drinks

13 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

  1. Shamrock Juice. Green in color, with a delicious orange flavor.
  2. Honeydew Martini. A beautiful shade of green, and so simple, it’s sure to agree with most everybody: vodka, midori and triple sec.
  3. Or if you don’t love Midori that much, try the Honeydew-Ginger Martini. Midori with Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur, lemon juice, vodka and bitters.
  4. Emerald Rain. The green color comes not from Midori (gasp!), but from Hpnotiq mixed with orange juice. Very pretty and very drinkable!
  5. Gold Emerald Shooter. It’s green and it’s got “emerald” in the name, so this drink makes a great choice. The flavor is a little unusual (Midori and Goldschlager), so it may not be a hit with everyone. But give it a try – it’s really good!
  6. Emerald Isle. Gin gets a touch of green creme de menthe meets and three dashes of Angostura bitters.
  7. Irish Hammer. Need a shooter on your holiday party menu? Try this one, with Jack Daniel’s, Irish Mist and Bailey’s.
  8. Evergreen. This may seem like a strange choice, other than the color. Tequila meets Midori and green creme de menthe, along with some white grapefruit juice and pineapple juice.
  9. Jade. There are two quite different recipes called the Jade cocktail. The link has both of them – the second would be more your traditional emerald green cocktail, but the first makes a beautiful lighter green, so pick whichever recipe sounds tastier to you.
  10. Chocolate Leprechaun. This one’s definitely more St. Patrick’s Day in theme, but it looks like chocolate milk. Still, it’s delicious and lots of fun – and you could always add some food coloring (see the above linked green beer article for suggestions on getting the color just right).
  11. Irish Cola. Another non-green one, this cocktail blends Jameson’s Irish whiskey with Bailey’s and cola.
  12. Irish Car Bomb. This is Bailey’s and Jameson’s dropped dramatically into a glass of Guinness. You can’t beat it for Irishness. The flavor is… well, you know, not everyone loves Guinness, but definitely worth checking out.
  13. Green Dragon. This is a gorgeous green drink that mixes some really unusual flavor combinations: anise, mint and gin, to name a few. It’s better than it sounds, and definitely memorable.

Other possibilities

  1. Jolly Ranchers Vodka in Sour Apple. This is a fun, quick and easy infusion to make (12-24 hours), and it comes out bright green and tastes just like the candy.
  2. Vodka (or Rum) Gummy Bears with just the green bears. This takes a few days to make, so be sure to leave yourself enough time.
  3. Skittles Vodka with just the green (lime) Skittles. This one takes 3-4 days at most to make, and the result is an opaque bright green drink that’s almost pure vodka. You can also do it with white rum.
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