Rampage drink recipe with Captain Morgan's, peach schnapps, cranberry, pineapple and cherry.

I'm not sure how the Rampage cocktail got its name. It's not likely to send you on a rampage. It can hardly go on a rampage by itself. Maybe it's just the Captain Morgan's spiced rum and its association with pirates that made somebody think of rampaging. In any case, the Rampage is a spiced … [Read more...]

Caramel “J”

Caramel J drink recipe with butterscotch schnapps, creme de cacao, Frangelico, banana, vanilla ice cream and milk.

The Caramel "J" is one of those drink recipes you might refer to as an alcoholic milkshake. The addition of a ripe banana makes it especially smooth and rich. It's definitely dessert in a glass. Serve up the Caramel "J" at parties where you want to keep guests happy but prevent any serious … [Read more...]

Coco Butter

Coco Butter drink recipe with Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps and milk.

The Coco Butter starts with a familiar combination - Kahlua and milk. But then it adds a healthy dose of butterscotch schnapps, and that distinguishes it from the competition. This is a tasty, sweet and rich drink (if you use whole milk). Enjoy a Coco Butter as an aperitif, or after dinner … [Read more...]

Caribou Martini

Caribou Martini recipe with Stoli Kafya Vodka and champagne

If you're looking for something really different, the Caribou Martini should be on your short list. If you're looking for something to do with the remnants of a bottle of champagne, there it is again. The Caribou Martini blends coffee flavored vodka with champagne. Coffee and champagne are … [Read more...]

Mocha-Berry Cocktail

Mocha Berry drink recipe with coffee, Chambord and cocoa powder.

The Mocha-Berry is just what it sounds like: coffee, chocolate and berry - in this case Chambord raspberry liqueur. It's also just as delicious as it sounds. Like some kind of wonderful, spiked frappacino. Some versions of this recipe call for the whipped cream. I say it's optional because … [Read more...]

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Kahlua Hot Chocolate recipe: hot cocoa meets Kahlua.

The Kahlua Hot Chocolate is just what it sounds like: hot cocoa spiked with Kahlua. It's hardly even a recipe - you just make the cocoa however you like it, then pour in some Kahlua. This is an absolutely gorgeous drink recipe to enjoy anytime you're in the mood for hot chocolate. It makes a … [Read more...]

Haitian Gold

Hatian Gold drink recipe with Mandarine Napoleon, creme de bananes, rum, tequila, guava, orange, pineapple and strawberry.

The Haitian Gold cocktail has so much fruit juice, you could almost mistake it for a health drink. It's not, though. It's just a lovely fruity, fairly strong cocktail that's sweet enough to be a dessert drink. Enjoy a Haitian Gold anytime you're craving a fruity drink with a kick. It's great … [Read more...]

Embassy Cocktail

Embassy Cocktail recipe with brandy, Jamaican rum, Cointreau, lime and Angostura bitters

The Embassy Cocktail is an old classic that dates back to the 1930s and the Embassy Club in Hollywood. Like 1930s Hollywood, it has a certain sophisticated glamor. The taste strikes a great balance between sweet, bitter and sour. It's one of those fairly strong drinks that manages to go down very … [Read more...]

Amber Haze

Amber Haze drink recipe with Bicardi Big Apple Rum, grenadine and soda water.

The Amber Haze cocktail is light, easy-going and refreshing. The flavor is apple with just a touch of pomegranate. This gets combined with soda water for some carbonation. The alcohol content is on the weak side. This is a great choice for light drinkers, or anytime you want just enough … [Read more...]

Southern Comfort and Lime

The Southern Comfort and Lime cocktail is great for summer time.

Southern Comfort sips well all by itself. But as you may already know, you can liven up that mellow peach flavor with a squeeze of lime, and it's a wonderful accent. In fact, they make a version called Southern Comfort Lime, which is great. But you can also make this one with fresh squeezed … [Read more...]