Product Review: Arctic Chill Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler

Arctic Chill Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler

Muddling is one of the most difficult tasks for a bartender. It's not too challenging when you're dealing with berries, but if you break a mint leaf or other herb while you're pressing it, it can release a nasty bitter flavor into your cocktail. Ever had a Mojito that had an unpleasant bitter taste? … [Read more...]

Hurricane Mocktail

Hurricane Mocktail recipe: V-8 Tropical Blend, orange & grapefruit juice, amaretto syrup

The rum-based Hurricane is a fruity drink featuring passion fruit syrup and lime. Since the fruit syrup is too think to drink without the rum, it's not one of those cocktails you can simply leave the alcohol out of. This mocktail recipe replaces it with passion fruit and other juices. This is … [Read more...]

Virgin Mary (Non-Alcoholic)

Virgin Mary (Non-Alcoholic) drink recipe: tomato juice, beef stock, lemon, Tobasco, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper

People refer to the Bloody Mary as "vodka and tomato juice", but it's actually more complicated than that. The Virgin Mary keeps that same wonderful flavor without the vodka. I based this recipe roughly on that of a bartender I worked with years ago. She made the best Marys, either way you … [Read more...]

Nojito Mocktail

Nojito mocktail recipe: mint, lime, club soda, brown sugar

The Nojito is a mocktail (non-alcoholic) version of the Mojito, which is just as tasty as the original. All that refreshing mint and lime flavor remains, you just lose the alcohol. This recipe basically replaces the rum with more club soda. In my opinion, the two tablespoons of brown sugar … [Read more...]

Gabbie’s Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

Gabbie's Punch recipe: Tropical fruit juice, ginger ale, lemonade

Gabbie's Punch is a simple recipe you can whip up anytime you're entertaining without alcohol, or want to offer non-drinking guests something delicious to enjoy. The flavors here are citrus and spice, with just enough sweetness to bring it all together. This recipe was developed by an … [Read more...]

Mockmosa (Non-Alcoholic)

Mockmosa drink recipe: orange juice, dry sparkling white grape juice, mint

The Mockmosa is a delicious alcohol-free substitute for the traditional Mimosa. You can serve it alongside Mimosas so that guests have a choice, or it can be your tipple when you want to socialize with drinkers but not drink yourself. Your first thought for making a non-alcoholic Mimosa might … [Read more...]

Soft Love

Soft Love Cocktail recipe: creme de banames, cherry vodka, whipping cream, grenadine

The Soft Love cocktail has the somewhat unusual distinction of being served in a cordial glass. It's not much bigger than a shot, and it's not very strong. And the flavors are all banana and berry - kind of like a Strawberry-Banana Starburst, but with more berry and, obviously, the alcohol … [Read more...]

Wild Sacramento

Wild Sacramento Drink Recipe: vodka, tequila, triple sec, gin, sour mix, bitters, lemon juice

The Wild Sacramento is one of those cocktails that's based on three liquors, some liqueurs and a touch of juice. It's on the strong side, and doesn't try to hide that fact. This drink is all about lemon and orange. If you use Hendrick's gin and a silver tequila, those notes will be even … [Read more...]

Avalanche Cocktail

Avalanche Cocktail recipe: Crown Royal, Kahlua, cream

The Avalanche Cocktail is basically a White Russian with Crown Royal instead of vodka. That of course adds notes of caramel to the flavors of sweetened coffee and cream. Opinions on Crown Royal tend to be sharply divided, but it's smooth and works well as a mixer. In this drink, you can't … [Read more...]

Hpnotiq Breeze

Avalanche Cocktail recipe: Crown Royal, Kahlua, cream

The Hpnotiq Breeze is a - you guessed it - Hpnotiq-based cocktail. It also features coconut rum and pineapple juice to add to the tropical fruit flavors in the liqueur. The pineapple comes through strongly, along with the coconut and some citrus notes. This is a great poolside drink, or for … [Read more...]