15 Delicious, Easy New Year’s Cocktails

How do you plan on bringing in the new year? Whether you’ll be at a party, a bar or in a more low-key setting, we have 15 cocktail suggestions to make it special.15 Delicious, Easy New Years Cocktails

What makes a cocktail great for New Years is hard to define, and subjective. Many New Years cocktails feature champagne, the traditional drink to the new year, but we’ve ventured beyond that limit for some exciting alternatives. We also aimed for cocktails that are easy to make, yet terribly impressive so you can wow your guests without spending the whole party behind the bar.

New Year’s cocktail recipes

First, you might want to check out our collection of champagne cocktails. You can’t go wrong with those! But if you’re looking for something a little bit different…

  1. Blue Skies – a gorgeous blue cocktail featuring fizzy lemonade, blue curacao and cointreau. Pour it in order, and you get a somewhat layered effect with no effort, and it’s really stunning.
  2. Royal Clover Club Cocktail – very traditional, all citrus and berry with that slight creaminess that comes from an egg yolk (or teaspoon of egg substitute if you prefer)
  3. Strawberry Sombrero – Kahlua, strawberry syrup and milk. It’s kind of like chocolate strawberry coffee with a kick.
  4. Cherry Fizz – cherry brandy, lemon juice and carbonated water for bubbles
  5. Peach Fizz – peach schnapps, vodka and lemon juice with soda water. Simple, delicious and fizzy.
  6. Grand Apple Cocktail – apple brandy, cognac and Grand Marnier. Distinctive and sophisticated, without being a challenge to your tastebuds.
  7. Blue Goose – Hpnotiq, Grey Goose vodka and lime juice. It looks chilling, but the tropical flavors warm you up
  8. The B-52 – three delicious liqueurs beautifully layered and tasting like caramel candy. Perfect for tossing back when the countdown’s done.
  9. Absinthe Suissesse – the mysterious, fascinating flavor of absinthe is perfect for a more introspective start to the new year.
  10. Peking – another fascinating choice, this cocktail is hard to pin down because Pernod, rum and grenadine are… well, you can imagine.
  11. The Deauville Cocktail – impress your friends with your knowledge of this Art Deco era cocktail. Mostly brandy and applejack – highly addictive!
  12. New York Cocktail – whiskey, lime, sugar and grenadine. There’s something fortifying about this drink – something that just makes you feel good.
  13. Romance – a chocolate-coffee liqueur bonanza served in a martini glass. Ideal for a more intimate New Year’s celebration.
  14. The Stinger – brandy meets creme de menthe. This is one of those drinks you can’t describe to anyone else.
  15. The Martini – it’s a classic for a reason. Not every drinker’s palate can handle gin, but for those who can, this is a great choice.

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