Reddish drink over ice in parfait glass with cocktail umbrella, green backgroundThe Hurricane is a very sweet rum-based fruity cocktail that originated in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It’s traditionally served in a – you guessed it – hurricane glass, but because New Orleans law permits people to leave bars with drinks in hand, New Orleans bars often serve it in a plastic cup.


The traditional recipe is very simple:

  • One part dark rum
  • One part white rum
  • passion fruit syrup
  • lime juice

Shake with ice, then pour over ice.

Other recipes add an ounce of orange juice or amaretto, or a tablespoon of Grenadine, or even gin or vodka. Unlike, say, a dry gin martini which is considered to be a perfect recipe already, this is one of those cocktails people like to add their own signature twist to. Your perfect Hurricane may differ from someone else’s.

Drinks as sweet and fruity as the Hurricane are best drunk alone or served with traditional bar snacks, like nuts or pretzels. Salty cheeses work, too. Hurricanes also work well as an after-dinner drink served in place of dessert. If you want something more complex, try Wild-Mushroom Nachos without the Roasted Tomato sauce (tomato acid and lime juice can cause instant heartburn).

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