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The Hurricane is a very sweet rum-based fruity cocktail that originated in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It’s traditionally served in a – you guessed it – hurricane glass, but because New Orleans law permits people to leave bars with drinks in hand, New Orleans bars often serve it in a plastic cup. The traditional recipe is actually pretty simple.

Hurricane classic drink recipe: rum, fruit syrup, lime


  • One part dark rum
  • One part white rum
  • passion fruit syrup
  • lime juice

Shake with ice, then pour over ice.

Other recipes add an ounce of orange juice or amaretto, or a tablespoon of Grenadine, or even gin or vodka. Unlike, say, a dry gin martini which is considered to be a perfect recipe already, this is one of those cocktails people like to add their own signature twist to. Your perfect Hurricane may differ from someone else’s.

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