What are your favorite hangover cures?

What are your favorite hangover cures?

There’s no solid scientific answer to the question of how to cure a hangover. Many sources agree that drinking lots of water is essential. Some consider sleep the best solution. Some recommend drinking lots of juice with vitamin C. A traditional hangover cure used to be drinking coffee, but it’s now believed that just makes […]

How to pour a layered cocktail


Layered cocktails taste good, look amazing and impress anyone who sees you successfully pouring them. They’re typically associated with sweet liqueurs, but plenty of layered cocktail recipes use rum, whiskey, vodka and other hard liquors to cut the sweetness and add some kick. Whether your style is “cin-cin” or “chug chug,” there’s a layered cocktail […]

Entertainment Tip: Mixing Multiple Drinks

Several drinks against green background with jigger, ice tongs and cocktail shaker

When you’re entertaining guests, you can save yourself time by pre-mixing a pitcher of cocktails. This is simple to do – just follow the tips below. Premixing a pitcher of cocktails You can pre-mix a pitcher of cocktails up to a week before your party, as long as you don’t add ice until you’re ready […]

How to rim a glass

Creamy pink cocktail in martini glass with candy cane sugared rim against purple and pink floral fabric background

Some cocktail recipes, like margaritas, call for you to rim the glass with salt or sugar. You should also feel free to add rims to cocktail recipes that don’t call for them – this can put an exciting twist on standard recipes. There are a couple of ways to rim a cocktail glass, but the […]

Mixology Tip: Customizing Cocktails for Guests

Straws, cocktail shaker, jigger and other bartending tools on green background

When you’re serving cocktails to guests, there’s a very easy way to impress them by tweaking the drink so it’s just how they like it: Use just a little less of each ingredient than the recipe calls for, or pour in your pre-mixed cocktails but leave a little room at the top. Ask if they […]