Mix That Drink began in the fall of 2008 as a collection of classic, vintage and modern cocktail recipes along with serving suggestions. I wanted the site to be different from other cocktail recipe sites, so I include a little commentary with each recipe, such as what the drink tastes like, how strong it is, what foods pair well with it and what occasions it best suits. Then I published the tutorial for Skittles Vodka, and somehow that article hit the front page of Digg! I got more than 300,000 visitors in one day – before the server crashed. (Don’t worry – the site’s with a new, awesome host now.)

Since then, I’ve featured a number of other tutorials and “how to” videos to help you learn bartender tricks and methods for making truly unique drink mixes and alcohol-related gifts. Mix That Drink has developed a wonderful following of cocktail enthusiasts who have spread the word all over the net – it still blows my mind how much free publicity my visitors give me! 😉 The cocktail recipes remain at the heart of what the site is all about, but I’m always looking for new tutorials to bring to you.

By the way, I cannot emphasize enough that Mix That Drink recipes and tutorials are intended for people of legal drinking age. I strongly encourage you to plan your drinking responsibly, not just for safety purposes, but also because you can enjoy yourself more freely if you know how you’re going to get home.

Enjoy your visit, and bookmark it for later!