49 Margarita Recipes

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One of the great anytime, any place mixed drinks is the margarita, which comes in so many varieties you could have a substantially different one every day for well over a month. To prove it, I’ve collected links to 49 different margarita recipes. (We could get into a debate about how many of these are “true” margaritas, but do we really care?) I’ll start with a few traditional recipes, then move onto the wild and crazy.49 Margarita Recipes - lots of tasty twists on the delicious classic!


  1. Our classic Margarita recipe
  2. Pink Margarita – adds a dash of grenadine to the traditional martini
  3. Honey Vanilla Margarita – a MixThatDrink original featuring Licor 43, Casa Noble Crystal, Patron Citronge, and lime juice.
  4. Jalapeno’s Revenge – features jalapeno-infused tequila for a spicy note
  5. Catalina Margarita – peach schnapps and blue curacao give it fruity notes and a gorgeous blue-green color
  6. Orange Margarita – adds triple sec and orange juice for lots of orange flavor
  7. Cadillac Margarita – featuring Reposado tequila for some intriguing oak notes
  8. Top Shelf Margarita – another classic recipe, this one uses lime juice instead of sour mix and upgrades the orange liqueur to Grand Marnier or Patron Citronge
  9. Presidential Margarita – adds brandy to the traditional recipe
  10. Key West Margarita – Midori, pina colada mix and grenadine along with the usual tequila, orange juice and lime juice
  11. Pomegranate Passion – adds pomegranate juice to the traditional recipe
  12. Blood Orange Margarita – juice of a blood orange, and just a touch of sage
  13. Hibiscus Margarita – uses a syrup made from dried hibiscus flowers
  14. Revel ‘N’ Devil Ginger – adds ginger beer to the traditional mix
  15. Blackberry Margarita – blackberry liqueur with silver tequila, lime and cointreau for a sweet and tart flavor
  16. Cool Mint Rita – creme de menthe
  17. Cranberry Kiss – cranberry juice and vanilla simple syrup
  18. Pink Margarita – adds a touch of grenadine for that cherry-pomegranate flavor and pink color
  19. Mojitarita – drop the rum from the Mojito, add tequila, and you’ve got a new twist on two classics
  20. Spicy Yubari Margarita - (third one down on the page) jalapeno and melon liqueur
  21. Smokey Margarita – mezcal floating on top
  22. Sunset Sage Margarita - uses sage to bring out the flavor of tequila
  23. Spiced Pear Affair – with pear brandy and spiced simple syrup
  24. Low Budget Raspberry Margarita – uses raspberries and raspberry preserves in place of Chambord
  25. Rhubarb Margarita – uses cooked rhubarb, which is tart and sweet
  26. Strawberry Margarita – the slushy classic featuring strawberry puree
  27. Guava Margarita – guava blended with the classic lime and orange
  28. Kiwi Margarita – pureed kiwi fruit
  29. Watermelon Margarita – watermelon puree with lime juice and triple sec
  30. Brandy Margarita – calls for E & J VSOP Brandy
  31. Mango Key Lime Margarita – classic margarita with key limes and mellow mango
  32. Jimmy Buffet’s Perfect Margarita – uses carefully selected brands of every ingredient to get just the right flavor
  33. Spicy Margarita – chili pepper! (This is yummy!)
  34. Chocolate Margarita – Godiva liqueur, Hershey’s syrup and an Oreo cookie rim on the glass
  35. Vanilla Margarita - uses a vanilla bean to infuse the tequila
  36. Cinnamon and Orange Margarita - Grand Marnier and a touch of cinnamon
  37. Li Hing Margarita – adds li hing mui powder
  38. Highland Margarita Recipe – because what the margarita has been waiting all its life for is Drambuie!
  39. Italian Amaretto Margarita – national identity crisis resulting in yummy sweet margarita
  40. Esta Loca Margarita - orange and pomegranate
  41. Beer Margarita – pale ale, thawed lime-aid concentrate, chilled tequila
  42. Pineapple Margarita – mmm, pineapple, lime and orange all happy together
  43. Strawberry Banana Margarita – blended with frozen strawberries and bananas for a smoothie consistency
  44. Triple Berry Margarita – blackberries, raspberries and strawberries added to the traditional margarita flavors
  45. Whitecap Margarita - creme of coconut
  46. Lavender Margarita – lavender blossoms, blueberries, raspberries and more
  47. Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita – ruby red grapefruit added to the traditional flavors
  48. Creamsicle Margarita – vanilla ice cream makes it a creamy smoothie
  49. Margarita Granita – margarita made into a delicious slushy treat

Enjoy! If you have a special recipe of your own, add it in comments.

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