49 Margarita Recipes

One of the great anytime, any place mixed drinks is the margarita, which comes in so many varieties you could have a substantially different one every day for well over a month. To prove it, I’ve collected links to 49 different margarita recipes. (We could get into a debate about how many of these are “true” margaritas, but do we really care?)

49 Margarita Recipes - lots of tasty twists on the delicious classic!

Note: Not sure about your margarita skills? Read here about how to rim a glass with a margarita rimmer or just a saucer.


  1. Our classic Margarita recipe – this is the tried and true, standard recipe. Make it with quality tequila and fresh fruit juices, and it’s fantastic every time.
  2. Chili Mango Margaritas – nothing goes together better than chili and mango, and this margarita recipe makes the best of that. Frozen mango chunks give it a luxurious consistency. And the best part? The tequila is totally optional, and there’s no other alcohol in it, so you can easily make it non-alcoholic.
  3. Honey Vanilla Margarita – a MixThatDrink original featuring Licor 43, Casa Noble Crystal, Patron Citronge, and lime juice. The Licor 43 adds a honey vanilla flavor that makes this a little sweeter than your traditional margarita, but still tart and refreshing.
  4. Cherry Beer Margarita – cherry soda and beer distinguish this recipe from the rest of the pack. It’s designed to be made in big patches, so it’s perfect for parties and tailgating. And it’ll sneak up on you.
  5. Fresh Watermelon ‘Rita – uses chunks of watermelon with silver tequila and orange and lime. The watermelon gives this drink a laid back mellow flavor that’s recognizable as a margarita, yet very distinct from the usual.
  6. Jalapeño Watermelon Margarita – if watermelon alone makes your drink a little too laid back, try infusing it with jalapeño and adding a chili pepper rim. This one is spicy sweet, and you can control just how spicy by letting it infuse as little or as long as you want.
  7. Jimmy Buffet’s Perfect Margarita – searching for your lost shaker of salt? This drink uses carefully selected brands of every ingredient to get just the right flavor. It’s the standard margarita recipe, upgraded massively, and it is worth going to the effort of getting the bottles you’ll need to make it.
  8. Iced Tea Margarita – iced tea might not be the first thing you’d think to put in a margarita recipe, but this one really makes it work. It uses a homemade sweet and sour mix (if you turn up your nose at store bought sweet and sour, you’ve got to try making your own), and look for a 100% agave reposado tequila. It doesn’t have to cost a ton, and it’ll make a big difference.
  9. Fig Margarita – this recipe calls for fig simple syrup that you make yourself. The fig adds a mellow sweet, earthy note that balances the tart orange and lime. It’s a nice departure from the usual.
  10. Spicy Apricot Margarita – apricot meets jalapeño, and there are two ways to make this one: spicy or very spicy. You add apricot puree to the usual margarita ingredients, and then you muddle jalapeño. This drink is very memorable, and pairs wonderfully with a meal involving sweetness, such as barbecue sauce or mango salsa.
  11. Margarita Granita – this recipe calls for you to mix everything in with a simple syrup and freeze it for eight hours. Since alcohol doesn’t freeze, you end up with a lovely slushy that is best enjoyed with a spoon straw, or a at least a spoon.
  12. Easy Cranberry Margaritas – another big batch recipe, this one adds cranberry juice and actual cranberries to the mix. It keeps the tartness of a traditional margarita, but adds a refreshing berry taste to it.
  13. Rhubarb Margarita – rhubarb has a very sharp, tangy flavor, but when you use it to infuse a simple syrup, you get a lovely sweet-tart note. Add to that the traditional margarita ingredients plus club soda, and you have a wonderfully refreshing, light margarita.
  14. Top Shelf Margarita – another classic recipe, this one uses lime juice instead of sour mix and upgrades the orange liqueur to Grand Marnier or Patron Citronge. The result is a margarita with intense lime flavor and a slightly sweeter take on the orange.
  15. Three Ingredient Pomegranate Margarita – this one’s as easy to make as it is delicious. It uses Pom pomegranate juice to tequila and limeade concentrate. This recipe has no orange ingredient, so it’s all about the berry and lime… and of course the flavor of the tequila, so pick one you like.
  16. Mango Key Lime Margarita – this recipe takes a classic margarita, adds chopped mango and key lime juice, and throws everything in a blender with ice so you get a lovely frozen consistency. This one has a nice, mellow taste – so much so that you can even rim the glass with chili pepper.
  17. Rosemary Ginger Margarita – uses a homemade rosemary ginger simple syrup with coconut sugar, and a healthy dose of lime juice. It’s spicy, earthy, sweet, and sour all in one little drink.
  18. Mojitarita – drop the rum from the Mojito, add tequila, and you’ve got a new twist on two classics. It’s like a margarita with mint in place of orange, so it’s perfect when you’re wanting something a little less sweet and more bracing than the classic.
  19. Frozen Lime Margaritas with a Sangria Swirl – you remember popsicles with swirls, and how some bites taste like one flavor, and some like another, and it’s all too delicious for words? Imagine a limey margarita swirled with a red wine sangria, and this is that drink.
  20. Cadillac Margarita – featuring reposado tequila for some intriguing oak notes. This is another “upgrade” on the classic, which also calls for fresh lime juice instead of sour mix, and Cointreau or Patron Citronge instead of triple sec.
  21. Pink Lemonade Margarita – this is one of those recipes that had me wondering why I never thought of it myself. Take out the sour mix and replace it with pink lemonade, and you get a drink that’s very similar to the classic, but so much more heavenly. Lightly sweet and very refreshing.
  22. Blackberry Margarita – blackberry liqueur meets silver tequila, lime and cointreau for margarita that’s considerably sweeter than the classic, but doesn’t change the overall character of the drink that much. This one is best after a meal, so the intense blackberry flavor isn’t competing with your dishes.
  23. Cotton Candy Margarita – this recipe adds cream soda and, yes, actual cotton candy to the mix. You shake everything but the cotton candy together, and then you put the cotton candy in a glass and pour the mixture over it, so it melts the sugar as it goes. This one’s pretty sweet, but very tasty and so unique.
  24. Blood Orange Margarita – this recipe calls for the juice of a blood orange, and you shake it with a few sprigs of sage to infuse a little of that pungent flavor, which in turn brings out the flavor of a good tequila. The result is a lovely, fresh margarita that’s strong on the orange, and hints at something herbal.
  25. Fizzy Mezcal Margarita – Mezcal brings a smoky flavor while a combination of Pellegrino orange soda and orange zest bring a very light, refreshing, bubbly citrus to the mix. This one is so light on sweetness that you rim the glass with sugar to make up for it. A really special treat.
  26. Creamsicle Margarita – this one is your basic margarita recipe with the addition of vanilla ice cream. The texture is that of an ice-blended drink, and the vanilla adds a mellow sweetness.
  27. Coconut Mint Margarita – with coconut sorbet and muddled mint, this margarita is incredible. You make a rimming sugar of shredded coconut infused with mint, and if that doesn’t get you intrigued, you may want to check with a doctor.
  28. Chocolate Margarita – take out the lime juice and add Godiva liqueur, Hershey’s syrup and an Oreo cookie rim on the glass. This is a chocolate-orange fiesta of flavor that’s perfect as a dessert drink.
  29. Smoky Margarita – the smokiness in this one comes from sugared, grilled citrus slices – lime, orange and lemon. After charring them on the grill, you juice them and get this wonderful hint of smoke in your drink.
  30. Moonshine Margarita – this one keeps all the traditional margarita ingredients except for the tequila, which it replaces with moonshine. The result is an earthy corn note added to the margarita, which contrasts well with the sharp citrus.
  31. Blue Curacao Margarita Recipe – life would be a sadder affair without blue margaritas. This recipe replaces some of the traditional clear orange liqueur with blue curacao so that your margarita is blue.
  32. Italian Amaretto Margarita – this one adds amaretto – and really, spring for Disaronno – to a sweetened version of the classic margarita. The cherry-almond taste of the amaretto adds something rich and unexpected to the citrus notes.
  33. Prickly Pear Margarita – this drink features Prickly Pear Cactus Juice, which comes from the juice of various cactii (okay, the clue was in the name) and has a sweet, melon-like flavor. Plus, the drink comes out a lovely shade of pink.
  34. Strawberry Margarita – the slushy classic featuring strawberry puree. You can use canned or (thawed) frozen strawberries in this one and it’ll be great, but using fresh berries does give it that extra kick.
  35. Strawberry Kiwi Margaritas – fresh kiwis and strawberries give this blended drink a lovely smoothie texture. And of course the sweet-sharp flavor of these two fruits add something really special to the drink.
  36. Strawberry Banana Margarita – this drink blends frozen strawberries with bananas for a smoothie consistency. Add to that the usual orange, lime and tequila, and you have a lightly sweet, creamy drink.
  37. Blueberry Basil Margaritas – surprisingly quick and easy to make in batches, this recipe crushes blueberries with sugar, and then muddling basil into the whole mix. Basil brings a peppery taste to a drink, which in this case contrasts nicely with the sweet blueberry.
  38. Guava Margaritas – I always think of guava as what you’d get if you crossed a strawberry with a mango, and that’s what the guava nectar brings to this drink. It’s sweet and tangy, and great for kicking back.
  39. Pineapple Margarita – mmm, pineapple, lime and orange all happy together. The simple addition of pineapple juice takes an ordinary margarita and transforms it into something a little more tropical and sweet.
  40. Blackberry Lemonade Margaritas – blackberry puree, lemonade and a lemon zest rim make this one a standout. It’s tart with just the right amount of sweetness, and loads of flavor.
  41. Triple Berry Margarita – blackberries, raspberries and strawberries added to the traditional margarita flavors. This one’s rich and sweet, with an ice-blended texture that keeps its coolness on a hot day.
  42. Spicy Cucumber Margaritas – if you think cucumbers are too mild to be interesting in a drink, wait ’til you try them with muddled jalapeño. This is just the pairing cucumbers have been waiting for. Spicy meets cool, with as much sweetness as you care to add.
  43. Beer Margarita – pale ale meets lime-aid concentrate and chilled tequila. The ale adds a touch of bitterness and body to the whole drink, cutting the sweetness of the limeade, but in the end not really tasting like beer at all. (Also, this can be a relatively cheap margarita to make.)
  44. Fresh Peach Margarita – take a margarita, and add a homemade peach puree with a touch of sugar, and you get a drink that’s tart and sweet and refreshing as anything.
  45. Cinnamon Orange Margarita – this recipe adds a cinnamon orange syrup that you make yourself. This adds a wonderful hint of spicy-sweetness, and you can garnish it with a cinnamon stick for presentation.
  46. Caramelized Grapefruit Margarita – put brown sugar on a grapefruit, and broil or torch it until caramelized, and you’ve got the cornerstone of this amazing margarita. Licor 43 adds the final touch, with its vanilla-honey notes.
  47. Li Hing Mui Margarita – li hing mui powder is from salty, dried plums, so what it brings to the margarita is a salty-sweet flavor. In fact, you don’t need to rim your glass for this one.
  48. Lavender Margarita – blends lavender syrup with creme de violette, tequila and lime juice. It’s slightly floral, a touch spicy, and bursting with lime, all at the same time. Very intriguing and habit-forming.
  49. Coconut Margaritas – the simple addition of coconut cream to a traditional margarita gives you a rich, creamy, slushy delight that’s lightly sweet and so delicious.

Enjoy! If you have a special recipe of your own, add it in comments.

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